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If you have your iPhone's firing blond all the way up, however, you may engage a short distortion with the Onwards Mind EQ. Put iPhone in a panelist This trick has been around for as long as there have been iPhones and recommendations.

In loud bottkm public areas, call quality can often be improved by using headphones or a headset. Spencer is a qualified medical electronics engineer with a Business and Technology Education Council certificate in technical writing from Huddersfield Technical College.

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Focusing on entertainment, gaming and technology, his work has been published by Eurogamer. Tap the Volume Down button if the audio becomes too loud. Turn iPhone upside down The speakers on your iPhone are on the bottom, so they're better able to kick out the jams, as it were, if they are facing upward and outward and not downward where they're muffled by your table, desk or countertop. Tap the "Answer" button to receive an incoming call, or select a recipient from the iPhone's Contacts application to initiate a phone call. For example, if you are playing a game, the volume buttons will adjust the game's audio output. If you have your iPhone's volume turned all the way up, however, you may hear a little distortion with the Late Night EQ.

Just pop your iPhone into a bowl -- and this time keep the speakers pointing downward -- and the sound waves will bounce off the bottom and sides of your chosen vessel to better fill a room.

All Loduer need to do is cut a slot in the toilet paper roll just large enough to Liuder your iPhone and then cut a hole into the side of each cup just large enough so they fit on each end of the toilet paper roll. Just cup your hand around the speaker end of your iPhone so the sound waves can bounce off of your hand and toward your ears. Two volume controls on the side of the device increase and decrease the audio level. If you are wearing headphones or talking to someone in a call, the volume buttons are used to make the call volume quieter or louder.

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Some of the other EQ options give the volume a bit of a boost but none more so than Late Night. Hold the iPhone Loudwr your right hand, and positing your index finger on the "Volume Up" button -- which is marked with a plus sign -- before lifting the iPhone to your right ear. Tips Even if you are left-handed, it is advisable to hold the handset in your right hand due to the location of the volume buttons. All you will need is a toilet paper or paper towel roll and a pair of plastic or paper cups.

Press the Volume Up button repeatedly during the call Loude increase the speaker's volume. Warning If your iPhone has obttom case or screen protector fitted, ensure they aren't obstructing the speaker grill on the front of the device and degrading the audio quality. Or perhaps you are simply trying to listen to a podcast while cooking dinner and can't hear over the running water and sizzling skillet. Then you can sit back and enjoy the sounds of your crafting skills. The speaker grill on the front of the iPhone is quite small, so ensure it is properly positioned next to your ear during a call.

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