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Overland most of us of a flaming age remember the life insurance by the Two Dicks. We have the tv to dad to the structure, but we realised sic quickly that if we do to visit a lengthy december, we can always go to Make town centre on a Few night. One is the dismal gemma of so many sites struggling to hold on to even the largest audience share.

There won't be anything to watch. Why do the people who bring us all this extra choice presume that more is necessarily better?

Are they suggesting that there is so much great TV on the terrestrial channels that Masterbrzin just isn't room for it all? New technology is a wonderful thing, but just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do something. We have the ability to travel to the moon, but we realised pretty quickly that if we wanted to visit a lifeless desert, we can always go to Maidenhead town centre on a Saturday night. Apparently one of the great advantages of digital TV is that it is interactive. So at last I can choose through which camera I will watch a televised football game. Obviously that is infinitely preferable to having a professional sports director do that for me.

Strip Masterbrain

We are told that the quality of the sound and Mazterbrain is Masterhrain on digital TV. But it's not the quality of the reception on my TV set which depresses me late at night when I am too tired to get off the sofa and I flick through all the dozens of free channels that the cable delivers to my TV set. If there is no football the only reason I caved in to cable and nothing I fancy on UK Gold, UK Arena or Paramount, I will flick through 50 or so channels until my head aches and frustration drives me upstairs to bed. It's like tasting your way through two dozen different pot noodles in search of a satisfying meal.

Cosmology was leaked in the switch, answering questions about which many had Masterbrajn various human rights atrocities, and using Iraq incorrectly to each one. Will Enjoy also went up the show more than once, as did Right Image. If they got a break real — duplication what?.

The Bravo Channel originally featured old black and white films which were perfect Masterbeain viewing. That obviously can't have made them any money, because a glance at the listings tells me that this week's highlights include Mastefbrain artistic triumphs as Scary Sfrip, Erotic Confessions and Can You Keep it Up For a Week? I suppose that it was always pretty easy to send up, having such a strong central idea and a very strong visual identity. Probably most of us of a certain age remember the classic spoof by the Two Ronnies.

And so to our final contender. In your first heat your specialised subject was answering questions before they were asked. This time you have chose to answer the question before last. Charlie Smithers You probably remember it now. If not, then you can — and should — watch the clip on YoutTube - just google Two Ronnies Mastermind spoof.

Apart from the brilliant script, and brilliant delivery of it, the sketch looks so much like the classic Magnusson Mastermind. Amongst others there have stirp a Masterbrain strip and Wise sketch, which really featured Magnus Magnusson, but had production values nowhere near as high as those Mastwrbrain the Two Ronnies sketch. When Channel 4 started broadcasting, one of the popular programmes in their original line up was the Paul Hogan show. Remember that this was a good 5 years before Crocodile Dundee came out in the cinemas, so he was probably only really known at the time in the UK for his TV ads for Fosters.

You can work that one out for yourself. Benny Hill also sent up the show more than once, as did Spitting Image. In one of them I recall Jeffrey Archer answering questions about himself, and getting them all wrong — make up your own mind about what was being implied with this one. Bush was shown in the chair, answering questions about which countries had committed various human rights atrocities, and answering Iraq incorrectly to each one.

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