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Asian Messy

Medium Two-Block Give your creativity the chance to play with your hairdo — either you straighten up or curl your fringe, your haircut will still adian amazing but casual like you just rolled out of bed. If you have a large forehead, then this is a hairdo that will fit you like a glove because it can mask problems such as bad angles or acne. Let us know in the comments which one worked our best for you! Straight Up Spikes Brush your hair up and away from the face, using a strong hold gel.

It is fairly easy to maintain and it goes well with practically every choice of clothes. Comb Over with Shave Line This is just a variation of the comb over, but it gives you a more special and neat look. Short Fringe Up Hairstyle Trim your hair short, add a fringe that you will brush up and there you have it. Rugged Dyed Hairstyle If you dyed your hair, this wild look will give you the chance to emphasize the contrast between the light colored strands and the dark hair roots. Usually, Asian men have thick and textured hair, which means it is easy for them to switch from hairstyle to hairstyle, according to the newest trends.

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Put that pompadour way up high with some hairspray. The advantage of the spikes is that you can choose different angles and even sizes. Rugged Mane This loosely styled Messy asian hair is very popular among men of any age and it looks even better when you have thick and long hair that you can play with. Medium Asian Men Hairstyles However, until your hair grows to that length, you can enjoy this medium or long bob. Long Wavy Hairstyle Featuring wavy and wild strands of hair, this haircut does not need any hair products to make it look better. Classic Fade For this look you need to trim your hair in a fading design to the edges of the hairline, leaving the top part longer than the rest.

Long Side Swept This cool and refreshing look can balance your face proportions and it also makes the most of your Mesxy and asain hair. Short Textured Haircut If you want one of the safest Asian men hairstyles, this might be the right option. Use some hair wax to separate the layers and show off the cut. The hair is brushed to the back or parted to the side, giving the person a gloomy, yet attractive look. Asian Men Hairstyles with Ponytail This is one of the best Asian men hairstyles, depicting a very strong and masculine man. However, make sure to visit a professional stylist.

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