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Its qualities are the potential to generate visual works. The art historian Grant D. Ideas before Their Time: Does this text contain inaccurate information or language that you feel we should improve or change? We would like to hear from you. Read more Display caption Nake, a mathematician and computer scientist, was among the first to make drawings made using computer programmes. These prints are very early examples of artworks produced with a plotter printer. All of these include abstract images produced using a computer, a tape machine and a drawing machine.

Other artists such as A.

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Michael Noll and George Nees were also working in similar ways during this period. The tragedy is arr the algorithm itself does not often show visual qualities. Its qualities are the potential to generate visual works. The art historian Grant D. In real life, it seems almost impossible for the primitive state of existence to arise out of an era of cognizance, industry and technology.

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And yet, here we are in Na,e 21st century, witnessing the work of Spencer Tunickwho persistently endeavors to create these impossible worlds. Tunick tackles both social and legal issues, which seem to define our modern way of life and to enclose human behavior, constraining it within the well-known formal boundaries. Such radical ideas and projects rarely go unnoticed of course, and that is why his art has caused him a lot of trouble. Tunick has been arrested five times sinceand he is still facing legal issues which restrict his supposed right to work outdoors. His combined interests in probability theory, information aesthetics, and software merged in generating computer art.

This exhibition gained reactions ar the national press. One report adt it caused Otto Beckmann in Vienna to start his computer-supported work phase. First prize of the computer art contest of the US magazine Computers and Automation for his drawing Komposition mit Quadraten Verteilungen von elementaren Zeichen composition with squares — distributions of elementary signs. Several portfolios, with other artists and solo. Everything burned down, but not the programs. End of work in computer art.

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