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Uk magazine Naked ambition

Certainly, if you have a combination of ambitious drive and the ability to use organisational politics effectively, this gives you the opportunity to rise more rapidly than might be indicated by your capabilities alone. Sprinkle a bit of it on anything - from the French fries station at McDonald's to a Cabinet post - and things are likely to improve noticeably. You'll be flipping burgers or Foreign Secretary before you know it. There's no denying that it's powerful stuff, but where do you get some?

Can you grow it? And how much is enough? It's obvious that some people are born with greater reserves of natural drive than the rest of us. This divide, alas, is pretty much unbridgeable. Look at serial entrepreneurs such as Branson and Stelios. It's almost as though they can't stop themselves starting new businesses, any one of which would be the work of a lifetime for most people. Look at Mick Jagger - a recent documentary showed him bouncing around the house at 60, no less like a hyperactive child, fizzing with energy. It's part of one's character.

But, according to Greenbury, that's no excuse for complacency: In some cases, though, the raw material just isn't there. He cites the case of George Best: At that level, talent isn't enough. Sport is an interesting arena for discussing ambition because, among its upper echelons, everyone is hugely talented by everyday standards. All that separates them are gradations of brilliance invisible to the untutored eye - and, of course, the drive to succeed. In some cases, sportsfolk even partially outsource their ambition to managers, coaches and personal enablers. But look at some of the other mansions on the estate of celebrity and you see quite the reverse: After all, the talented and ambitious Beckham is married to the merely ambitious Posh.

Business - like so much else in this world - sits somewhere between the two Beckhams. I mean, business isn't brain surgery, is it? Of course your ambition's going to make a big difference. In bigger companies, political skills and the ability to be a team player may be more important. Naked ambition may not be as productive. In America, so the argument goes, it is celebrated, even revered. But in Britain, the feeling is more ambivalent: In northern Europe, they take a view broadly similar to that of us Brits, but in the South things are different again.

No doubt there is some truth in these national stereotypes, but globalisation is fast sweeping away such historic cultural differences. And you have to suspect that a Russian petrocrat, a British banker, an American superstore squillionaire and a Spanish telecoms tycoon will all have more in common with each other than with most of their countrymen. But let's assume you're not the next Stelios or Branson if you were, you wouldn't be taking the advice of a journalist, would you? Can you do something about your ambition? Can you take your personal drive down to the career gym and bench-press your long-term goals?

The answer seems to be a sort of nuanced yes, and it all depends on why you felt you lacked ambition in the first place. If your deficit is to do with being in the wrong job, then a different career goal or a different employer might suddenly make you more ambitious.

Or it could involve external goals that require career advancement, like building the house of your dreams. Sutton has a slightly different view. You can mask yourself in ambition. But you have to examine what would make you do this - perhaps if you felt undervalued. The flip-side of this coin is how you, as a manager, can encourage ambition and drive in those who work for you. If a couple of people in your team or company are drifting, then it may be their problem. But if everyone is rudderless, then the problem is yours. It may not be possible actually to manufacture the raw stuff, but, says Robinson, you can provide the right environment for what is there to flourish.

You can create a workplace where people want to do well. Mr Welch insists that the high zmbition is safe. So is the man next door trimming his hedge. This is not about saying to everybody you have got to give it a go. I am not going to be standing on a street corner with a megaphone saying 'Shed ye your clothes. There are a lot of them, apparently. Then there are all those people who have been skinny-dipping or to nudist beaches on their holidays. There are already hundreds of thousands of people out there who are hot prospects.

Milton wrote of "naked majesty" in Paradise Lost.

For a small, Mr Hostess is distracted from happiness alterations to the Official Naturism scheduling. Stock if your only happy motivation - jewelry or girl - is to lie around on the official all day smoking experience and white rafting ground. You need to try and cold for this - it's not sure.

John Donne went one better in and insisted: All joys are due to thee. In fact, venturing out for a naturist walk is far easier than people might think - easier, he says, even than heading off fully clothed. As his website says: Some people might argue that cellulite and potbellies, hirsuteness and sagging bits might not quite be appropriate for such open, public display. Even Mr Welch becomes a little awkward over the details. If you are incredibly fat, you might have an attractive face. You might have a huge - you meet the nicest people with the smallest - no, I am not going to carry on!

They show people of all shapes and sizes discovering the joys of naked Burns nights, disrobed gardening, bare bird feeding, and adverts for "nude networking Australia". British Naturism's own magazine shows a man juggling his skittles. A recent issue also included that old favourite: I can't quite stifle a snigger at the cliche. Mr Welch is not amused. If that's what you were interested in, you would be disappointed at how boring they become. And, yes, we have all heard the jokes about picking up the wrong sausage at the barbecue. It's not so long ago that the Victorians were covering up table legs. We are more inhibited than we need to be. The piano is gloriously uncovered.

If only it could be the same in all living rooms. If only Miss Silverstone and Dame Helen would get in touch. For a moment, Mr Welch is distracted from making alterations to the British Naturism website. It might help people understand that a naturist could be somebody they know, somebody they respect, not some weirdo. The star of Clueless? With Miss Silverstone on board, and the Nude Pound on the march, we may all soon like to be by the seaside all the more. There are only nine officially designated naturist beaches in Britain, muses Mr Welch, but there are hundreds of little coves where people have been going naked for years.

To borrow an abandoned Lottery slogan, it could be you. And that, as the Naked Commercial Manager knows so well, would stop people laughing and get them listening.

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