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Zelda had to laugh. She couldn't stop herself. I take that as a no and I will go ask someone else. So sorry to have ruined…whatever you think is so important. Link left the room and stopped outside Zelda's closed door. He was so glad Navi hadn't just witnessed that…he was also glad he'd talked his way out of it. He'd just walked in on his wife-to-be while she was nude. Way to go, kid. Chuckling and walking away, Link concluded that women needed to get over this…nudity issue. Remembering, Link realized he'd bathed publicly in pools and in the river when he'd gotten the chance.

Sleeping through puberty had no doubt helped. He was pretty sure he'd skipped past all the raging hormones and was straight Naked loz the…Oh, who really knew, anyway? Link was a guy who didn't have a problem with temptation or lust, no matter how many women threw themselves at him. Link nodded to himself as he thought of Princess Ruto. An angry growl resonated in Naked loz chest and he raised his hand as if to back hand him but pulled it back a moment after. With a small amount of thought, and an evil smirk to go with it, he then slacked the chains so that the boy could move just a foot from the wall and stretch his body just a bit.

Link was nothing without his weapons so he wasn't worried. Ganon came up to a kneeling Link and let his large, crimson tip trail along his supple, slightly split lips. He saw the boy's eyes widen at both his girth and the fact it was up against his lips. But then he clamped his lips shut defiantly. Ganon gave a slight chuckle and simply plugged his nose so that he couldn't breathe. Stubbornly, he held his breath until he was light blue in the face and sweating bullets. He refused to be Ganon's bitch. But, he couldn't take it anymore and gasped, which, the evil man saw his opportunity and deposited himself inside his burning hot mouth.

His eyes fluttered and he even gave a small moan from the sizzling wet mouth that wrapped around his tip. Ganondorf, was a monster, why would his dick be any different? Link felt like he could probably park his boat on that big dick. He had a hard time just getting the tip in his mouth, how would the rest of him fit? Link squirmed a little. He couldn't even use his hands to help him out since they were chained to the wall behind him. And there was also the fact that his manhood had stirred even just a little. What was wrong with him? In some way, he found it kind of kinky that he was sleeping with the enemy, and even more kinky he was tied up.

It was the dildo in his ass that was causing him to be horny. He was knocked out of his thoughts when the man placed his big bulky hand ontop of his head and slowly pumped his hips back and forth, sliding just the tip in and out of his mouth. The naked hero decided-well he had no choice really- to go along with this, to try.

But it would be to gain his trust. Trick him into thinking he had actually won. But deep, deep down inside, he knew he liked this. He wasn't as disgusted by the situation like he should've been. He wasn't angry or Nakeed or felt betrayed. A bit more than he should've and than he liked to admit. Hesitantly, he wrapped his lips around the head and took a shot at sucking Nakes. Other than Sheik's-which wasnt nearly as big-he had never sucked one before. But he would try his best. His tongue curiously wondered over the large head as he sucked, which elicited a moan from the bigger man. He allowed it for fall out of his mouth and then chased after it, attempting to get it back in his mouth.

He looked hungry for it and that's what the evil man liked. Ganon gripped himself by the base and started slapping it against Link's cheek. Link made an annoyed sound and glared at him. The red haired man couldn't help but to laugh and start banging it against his lips. When he had enough of that, he let the it rest right up against his mouth. A gentle kiss and then a small lick was placed on the head. But Gannon wasn't into that gentle shit.

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With a smirk, he spoke. Saria gave a cute moan when link cool hands touched her warm breasts. Link started to fondle her tits which caused her to start a longer string of moans. Saria start a chorus of moans which turned on link even more. He eventually moved to the next one for a while when Saria stopped him. Take off your clothes now. A bloody infernal bat of all things and she made a war cry and made him think something really bad had happened. And, of course, he had run to her rescue with nothing to defend himself but his stupid hat.

Zelda turned and blushed bright pink. Link blushed too, wishing that he had something other than a hat to cover him at the moment. A monk's habit would be nice. In fact, Link was fairly sure that the only man who could stand to be around Zelda for more than ten minutes without feeling something entirely inappropriate was a monk.

Loz Naked

Loa retrieved it and handed it to him, fingers brushing against his. She really had to stop doing Nakef was sending all the wrong signals to his body. He willed himself to stay calm and backed away, motioning with his fingers for her to turn around. Zelda giggled and did so and Link quickly threw the nightshirt over his head before going to find his clothes. When he came back, Zelda was already dressed for bed, gently combing out her long blonde hair.

Link nodded toward her and indicated the comb before indicating his own mop of hair and Zelda laughed. He was already hard past the point of decency, might as well add fuel to the fire with her soft and nimble hands working their way through his hair. She gently combed and Link groaned, every second he spent at her feet another second he smelled the sweet scent of her soap. Have I done something to offend you?

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