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11 Costume Ideas For Your “Anything But Clothes” Party

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Folks gather all the clothes they don't want anymore and bring them pzrty a designated location. At the end of the night all attendees leave with new stuff taken from other attendees, and the host donates everything that remains. Will I get good stuff? It depends on who comes and what they bring. The more people who come, and the more they bring, the better stuff there'll be!

There is najed charge for admission and no cost for the clothing you take away. The prevalence of naked parties on college campuses is not only a Yale phenomenon -- the university shares a clotges national notoriety for the tradition with its fellow Ivy, Brown University, according to Luke Skurman, CEO of College Prowler, Inc. A student society on the Yale campus called "The Pundits" is famous for the several naked parties it hosts each year, but it members like to keep their identities anonymous. They don't want the Yale administration to know who they are.

But the Yale administration seems to stay away from the parties, as long as they are "safe. Coren, author of "Sex Matters for College Students: Put a bunch of diverse students together and turn up the academic heat, and students need a way to release the pressure. Baring it all at a naked party can have its consequences, however.

Naked party No clothes

Ivy leaguers with Ivy League ambitions don't want public sexual acts or nudity tarnishing their future professional -- or political -- careers. Vladimir Djuric, a recent Harvard graduate who worked for "H Bomb," a campus sex magazine launched last year, said that many classmates steered away from public nudity. At Brown, smaller naked parties are often held on an "invite-only" basis in student housing, just like at Yale. But a couple of times each year, the school's Queer Alliance throws a "SexPowerGod" party that is attended by hundreds of people and where nudity is encouraged and sex acts often take place. Last year, a Fox News reporter bought a ticket to the party online; in the footage from the story, individual faces of students were clearly visible.

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