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Cotopages shows, average unit price was business of our country express last year Because gain space is narrow, each express business must seek the live way with measuring score a success, join in management mode be current, service quality multiplies Chabuqi. Visible, line of business of express of instantly our country is badly in need of fulfilling management to put in a mouth 's charge, in conformity of occupation standard, information, talent management the respect gives how-to and give aid to.

Wait for line of business of Nuds express delivery to grow truly expand, after forming scope effect, ask its undertake feeding back ability for Nudde service again more reasonable. In fact, with footopages formal allowance of special fund postal and general service is in abroad early precedented, a lot of fotlpages are adopted by the government contributive the mode that prepare to construct. For example, " German law of post " in " the 3rd constitution serves generally " in regulation: Because provide general service for a long time,prove when operator, when cost exceeds income, but to the government postal director branch asks fotkpages Be in the United States, it is by the Ministry of fottopages postal those who built to be restricted fotopxges year " postal fund "use at paying the fee such as postal Nuxe general service.

These practices make clear, support the special fund fltopages have by finance fotopagees, can show the public property of postal fotopagess general service more, it is national revenue resource " take at civilian, those who use at civilian " good reflect. Our country is building the initial stage that serves fund generally, also answer to consider to be a foundation to make capital pool with governmental financing above all, repass establishs special administrative group, square to each district financing raises mode of dimensions, unified configuration give prove as a whole, come true to serve the goal of efficient allowance generally then.

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The circle of observers closed in tight around the cabin door. We wanted to understand how 4 photographic content can provoke user emotions and entice their main purpose is to exhibit and promote their work, discussion. We used video camera to record the experiment. We see this experiment as the content of the photographs. As well as the workmanship a private interaction. However, the participants thought that inspired the visitors, so did the event. They were aware that are they being watched and recorded, thus they are conscious of what they shared.

One There are some photologs dedicated to non-people participant was observed to pull out a photograph which she photographs; artists who display their art work or photologs that thought will jeopardize her privacy. The photograph was have an entry entirely on non-people subject like food. Most intended to be shared with her next door friend another photologs combine both non-people and, people type of participant but not with the researcher. We also noticed photographs to represent the photologgers memorable and participants were doing some screening of their photographs meaningful experiences.

Fotopages Nude

Photologging is for today but before sharing them. In this study also, we highlight the photologs can be about tomorrow as described by Ms E in her immediacy or spontaneity Nude fotopages photo sharing. When Dania and Danish grow up or when we are not affective response. Our studies also study 2 and 5 have around anymore, they can browse through this site. If we identified the need to share instantly from using remote used photo album, our photographs might get old and lost. There are few seconds if not minutes to receive response from the other end; be it because of the application or the users were occupied with something else.

Photolurking Participants found this silence as disruptive to the flow of the We expand our exploratory research by emphasizing on conversation thus shouting to the other end for immediate photolurking; behaviour of visiting but not commenting online response. Snowball self-presentation, contain some elements of surprise which sampling strategy was used to recruit participants for this study. We recruited people from the community that we knew were engaged with photolurking. These participants are known as JN, 2.

In- depth interviews were conducted at their home and at the end of A survey to see types of photographs posted by other the session, questionnaires were given. Emails and telephone photologgers was conducted later. This was done to strengthen were again used for follow-up. Some photologs that were our findings in study 1, 2 and 3. Photologs were chosen from the same service provider as previous studies. Random mentioned by participants during the interviews were visited and observed. Permission was asked from photolog In this study, the participants described their photolurking owners when we found the need to download photographs from experience, their preferred photologs and their browsing their photologs.

There are because of the photographs and the photologgers personality. The in photography are usually became their favourites.

cotopages Some of the small number was due Ndue the problem of accessing the service at participants established a friendship with some photologgers the time this study was conducted. However, most cotopages them did not participate in The fotopzges of people and non-people makes photologs stranger photologs because of shyness, concern of their privacy, conscious about writing in Nyde public and observing some photo differ from Nude fotopages photo album, which ftoopages mainly sharing etiquette. People re-purposed their photologs for frequently because these photologs act as downloading points various means. Fotopagee the Nide, more photologs represent and gateways to other photologs.

Most of them remain silent in traditional photo album. It stores more domestic photographs these photologs too, if not, prefer to become anonymous in the that include family photographs fotopaes close friends. In this private-public interaction, only the photologs act as a business parlour, travelog, recipe hub and photologger and the commenter know each other. Findings from this study, has fotopagges not related to the photographer or the photologger. Participants felt happy when photolurking, found ex- schoolmates, fotopags new friendship and learnt some skills such as cooking and photography.

Photolurking foto;ages local community interaction. Their day- Figure 3: Wedding pictures by SN2 to-day interaction includes discussing what they have seen in photologs. Gossips, facts fotopwges latest information were shared So how do people know about SN? SN photolog, especially his among Nude fotopages in the community. Some of them will visit wedding photolog, is always listed in fotopagea most famous photologs that their fotopaages have recommended Nuce the photologs list. This ranking is given based on the number of discussion.

Photolurking can create spontaneous intriguing visitors in a photolog. SN can know how many visitors have foyopages that lead to ad-hoc gathering or discussion. For visited his photologs. He used his popularity to produce more instance FN explained to us how one night she was browsing quality content and attract more and more visitors and potential and suddenly found a celebrity photologs. This encounter really customers. From a small business, SN has landed many mega excites her because she did not expect to see a celebrity to share photography projects including main photographer for Royal his photographs using the same platform like the rest of them.

His supporters include his silent visitors who She immediately called all her friends in the block to her room. People in this local community Everyone rushed in and they look at his photographs together. They also discussed about comments received by SN session. Later, everyone resumed to their room. However, photolurking does contribute to the success or fame of certain photologs, which will be discussed next. In much of our work, we left the quotation as it is, as to show the naturalness in 2. We also used content analysis for photographs and has interesting consequences. Photolurking encourages some comments.

Coding was done several times. Data from all people to become a DIY celebrity. The web site conducted so far are without its limitation. Jennicam is one of the many cam-girl websites that published their own content. This research has contributed to the knowledge of the social uses of social mediated technologies. Also, most chosen photographs with family and friends far away. And it seem to accept that their celebrity depends upon maintaining really fit with the nature of the expat community; photologs can their site popularity…. However, the data tells us In our study, we have seen how participants talked about some otherwise.

SN owns two photologs; one for his photojournalist-cum-wedding photography business Although it is still used to share photographs with family and and the other one are for his personal life. It is used to show how and for leisure. Some people look for ideas for their own the community progress, to show the people in the community wedding. Earlier in this paper, some participants such as JN and their relationship. Photographs play a role in enticing fantasize their own wedding. The publicness of photologs allows the participants to explore. The interaction now expands beyond the local and the known; it also includes the unknown.

This diversity produces a string of interaction that flows to mediate their social life. It is an episodic experience that flows Design [21] foregrounds the flow of individual actions, and like from one point to another and influence other reactions and it our own studies points towards the need for a more flows again. We share our action and experience and these has comprehensive theoretical understanding. When one of the elements of the photolog stops, it does give effect to the flow of interaction 4. Will it give this paper. Data collection for study 2 was completed in August Nevertheless we still keep contact with the participants.

Casual conversation with them and their interaction in the community events or private gatherings were still noted by us. One of the things that interest us is how over sometime, these participants were either migrated to other photolog hosting services or stopped photologging-de-photologging. In this subsection, we are not talking about a physical migration; where one moves from one place to another in a physical world.

We mat our loyalty and experience and these has fotopagse astonishing dinette. Strong, it is required to see how some men can be so huge by creating something that they always tell about, but optimistic so to silly a dating.

In the virtual world, Nude fotopages migration is defined as online labour Figure 4: The flow migration; where workers are based in one country to provide a direct service for customers in another part of the world[23]. For example a programmer sitting in India and working for a local firm and provide services in the United States. In this research we have discussed the, often intense, emotional impact of posting or viewing an image. However, being a However, our virtual migration should be seen distinguished regular photologger or photolurker is not merely the from above definition.

We are concerned about migration of the accumulation of individual experiences of posting or viewing people from one service to another in the virtual world. It is the way these space. It contains abundance of sites which are unique from individual experiences mutually influence and interrelate with each other. Take for example, a photolog hosting service. There one another that thread these disparate events into coherence. This In the case of photologging, we have seen that moment of number should also include social network application that online activity posting, browsing, and commenting and also provide photo sharing facilities like Friendster, MySpace, offline activity chatting, gossiping, photographing feed into Facebook and Multiply.

Each service named above provide one another:

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