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How to Prune Old Cherry Trees

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I personally would be inclined to choose an alternative tree OOlder such as Ornamental Crab Apple or Japanese Acer Palmatums Cultivars which would be ideal for your small walled garden. If there is orange gluey liquid oozing from the trunk and branches Mary the symptom is synonymous with bacterial canker - which is an air borne fungal disease which enters Cherry Trees through damaged branches and wounds in the tree.

Can I take these off now? What you need to do Catherine with your Cherry Tree is cut some of the old wood back and maturs in the new shoots and this will encourage the flowering shoots for the following year. A thirty foot Cherry Tree - eight foot from your wall Debbie is very close indeed and the roots could be quite easily causing damage to your brick work and foundations. If the shoots of your Weeping Cherry Wendi are touching the floor then they will need to be lightly pruned back. I have a 20 foot high mature white cherry tree with two large limbs growing over the road. There are soil borne fungal diseases which do attack Flowering Cherries but I feel that it could be the water logged conditions which have caused the problem.

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I would be inclined to wait and see if cherrry shoots appear over the summer months before taking the drastic step of replacing your tree. Hi Bill I have a flowering dwarf cherry tree which lives in a pot. If so, is it advisable to have the tree removed or just pruned? Pruning always has a purpose; to improve the health, shape, size, appearance, or harvest potential of a tree, or to change the landscape in your yard.

You mention the dying back of some of the branches on your Cherry Tree and this could quite easily have been caused by waterlogged soil conditions. The reason being is to avoid infection by the spores of the silver leaf fungal disease which, is dominant during the winter period. I am sure that your tree will not completely die but any die back on the stems and branches will need to cut back during the summer months. If you want it to be smaller, more fruitful and earlier bearing than a full size tree I would suggest that you plant a Lapins tree growing on Krymsk 6 rootstock.

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With the training already accomplished, mature cherry trees require very little pruning, but regular pruning is helpful to maintain shape and tree health. I would wait until early March time Licas before repotting your Cherry Trees. Summer pruning is recommended for cherry trees to prevent the risk of Eutypa dieback, a disease that occurs when cherries are pruned in wet seasons. The tree seems to be alive further back towards the trunk.

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