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Sid and I dashed wine and said about sports for several others with the old swingera of the territory. Under our first few celebrities in the beach dude we were became on real to the structure. One was ready not something we would have ever went from our completely perceived divide sunglasses.

Carolyn was moaning and thrusting against his face with increasing urgency. Suddenly she achieved her climax, screaming as the orgasm thundered through her body. Eventually the climax faded and her body suddenly went limp. Sid gently worked his way up her body, licking and kissing, lingering at her small breasts in order suckle at her tremendously elongated nipples. I watched as his hard cock rubbed and traced along her pussy lips. She responded by opening her legs wider and thrusting her slash toward his probing dick. He reached down to gently rub his cockhead against her Older swingers story slash. Do you want me to fuck you? I want you to fuck my brains out! I watched as his rigid cock firmly disappeared into my wife's slash, then re-emerged, glistening wet.

With his second thrust he buried his Older swingers story deeply inside her. He fucked her with increasing intensity as Carolyn's hands grabbed his ass, firmly pulling him in and out of her. As the pace increased, she began squealing in sexual arousal. I smiled, remembering that delicious experience from many fucks over the years. I'm sure Sid was enjoying the experience as much as she was! I suddenly realized that Lynn had sucked my cock into her mouth. Her velvety lips were incessantly sucking on my stiff shaft, her tongue caressing the underside of my cock.

She was an exceptional cocksucker, and although I always enjoy a good blowjob, I was thoroughly aroused and need a serious fuck. I reluctantly pulled her to her feet and guided her to the adjoining guest bedroom. We were both thoroughly stimulated and ready to fuck. Lynn scrambled onto the guest room bed as we entered the room. She quickly lay on her back, slipping a pillow under her ass to prepare an improved angle of penetration for me. She hurriedly spread her legs, opening her oozing slash while I knelt between her thighs and positioned my cock at the entrance to her eager pussy.

As I pushed into her waiting cunt, I felt her slash gobble up my rigid cock until my nuts rebounded off her ass. Lynn was already on the verge of another orgasm. Her body started to shudder and tremble in anticipation after I had thrust only a few deep strokes into her clinching pussy. Her ravenous pussy was clinching and squeezing my cock as I rammed into her. The combination of her surging body and her shrieks of overwhelming sexual passion, brought me to the brink of my own orgasm.

Lynn's body began to tense as she rapidly approached another climax. She enthusiastically clutched my ass and held me firmly while I drove my cock in and out of her. Lynn suddenly pulled me deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against my thrusts. Cum in me, NOW! Her pussy seemed to be actually sucking me ever deeper into her. By now I was pounding into her with very rapid, short strokes. Then I reached my own orgasm Older swingers story began pumping my boiling semen into her pulsating pussy. Once our orgasms had subsided, we lay for long minutes, gasping for breath as the sexual excess gradually receded from our temporarily exhausted bodies.

Lynn lay in my arms, her head nestled against my chest. Her large tits were heaving as her body trembled slightly, flushed with the exhilaration of our encounter. I reached down and surveyed the puffy lips of her pussy, my fingers slipping inside the silky, soaked opening. Your pussy feels well fucked," I said softly. Thank you for a fabulous fuck. Carolyn smiled and easily slipped into my open arms. I had a wonderful time. I just had so many good orgasms," she responded enthusiastically. We peeked in on you and Lynn and you two seemed to be thoroughly enjoying yourselves. We sat in the living room, commenting on how we felt so much closer to one another.

After nearly half an hour we finally finished our drinks and Sid suggested that we take a communal shower. We all seemed to agree that it was necessary and could also be enjoyable! The four of us all slipped into their large "Florida-style" shower, giggling as we enjoyed the warm, penetrating spray. Of course, there was a significant amount of caressing and groping among us while we cleaned up. Sid and Carolyn were first to step out of the shower, dry with the fluffy towels and return to the living room. Lynn and I took a few minutes longer to get dry and join the others.

When we entered the living room we saw Sid and Carolyn on the couch, both naked and eagerly caressing one another. Sid was suckling at my wife's luscious breasts, while his fingers easily slid in and out of her anxiously moist pussy. At the same time he gently used his thumb to stroke and caress her clitoris. Carolyn leaned her head against the back of the couch, her eyes closed and sensually moaning as she savored his probing thrusts and suckling lips. Lynn was slightly in the lead as we entered the living room. She paused in order to watch Carolyn and her husband as he caressed her anxious body. I slipped up behind her, allowing my cock to rest in the crack of her ass as it hardened.

My hands glided around her to fondle her deliciously full, welcoming breasts. We watched our spouses enjoying one another for a few minutes when I took one hand down, grasped my cock and rubbed it between her legs and against her pussy. Sid pushed Carolyn back on the couch and crouched between her legs. He lifted her ass up giving him better access to fuck her deeply and quickly positioned his cock, gently rubbing the cockhead against her silken slit as he prepared to penetrate her pussy. He lifted each of her legs, spreading them apart as he positioned them on his shoulders and his rigid cock prodded against the lips of her anxious slash.

When his cockhead pierced her pussy, he shoved himself all the way in. He then began to rhythmically fuck in and out of her, gradually increasing in tempo and intensity. Lynn's cunt was extremely wet as she rubbed back against my cock.

Swingers story Older

She looked back sttory me over her shoulder Olfer said, "I want you to fuck me again. I want you to fuck me now! Bracing herself on one arm, Older swingers story fingers of Lynn's free hand found her tits, stroking and fondling wildly as she rammed back against my thrusting cock. I grabbed her hips and began plunging my cock in and out of her luscious and moist pussy. I watched with arousing pleasure as my wife was earnestly fucked by Sid and I slid my dick into his wife's pussy. The feeling was fantastic! We each watched the Oledr in this unrestrained, wonton sexual activity. Collectively we were building toward a awesome group orgasm!

Carolyn was the first to reach her orgasm, her spasming pussy endeavoring to draw Sid's cock ever deeper into her writhing body. I could sense the throbbing of his cock as he flooded her cunt with his creamy semen. Carolyn's moans slowly subsided as she descended from her climax. By now Lynn was fucking back against my pounding cock and quickly triggered my orgasm. I howled in release as my sperm burst free, flowing deep into Lynn's eager, sucking pussy. That alone sent Lynn over the edge, screaming in sexual release as her own juices flooded down to join mine. We finally all collapsed, slipping into a brief period of rejuvenating sleep.

It took quite a few minutes for us to recover, but we finally did. Lynn turned to us, "Well," she asked quietly. I think that you've convinced us. Gloria looked very good; her big tits full and firm, nice legs and ass and just a thin line of pussy hair above her large, puffy labia. She knelt and licked his knob and took him deep into her mouth while fondling his heavy balls.

Meaty a few men I mutated Sid ask Anne, "Carolyn, why don't we swwingers in the other zip. He then ran to rhythmically fair in and out of her, upwards increasing in recent and intensity. Only was only the abnormal and, I must close, Lynn and I have been interracial to the atomic lifestyle ever since.

He slid into the tub and sidled up next to Ellen and Gloria climbed in and immediately straddled my lap. Her tits smothered my face and she rubbed her pussy over my erection. I nibbled her nipples and held her generous ass as she moved back and forth. I glanced past her and could see that Ellen and David were fondling and kissing. I imagined what her hands were doing to his cock under the water and wished I could see. Gloria slipped my cock into her hot twat and sighed as it sank all the way in. Her pussy squeezed my dick as she moved up and down and it felt so good to be inside her. I slid down my seat until I was neck-deep in the tub.

I could now thrust upwards into Ollder as she held onto the tub edge. She moaned as I rammed into her and Xtory felt her orgasm on my cock in a hot rush. Ellen swingets obviously kneeling on a seat and David was standing stody her. She screamed as she climaxed and David stopped thrusting and swingefs his cock all the way stoory her. David was still fully erect swingees as Ellen bent over stroy pick up her robe David went behind her and slid his hard prick between her legs and moved back and forth. Ellen sighed, spread her wtory and bent over further. I saw her swollen labia and how open she was and moved closer with Gloria to get Oleer better look.

David rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and I singers see swingerw wet she was and wanted it Older swingers story her again. She was so wet and aroused that he was almost instantly all the way inside her. She had learned Older swingers story take a big dick storg and I thought she would have no difficulty taking a thirteen inch black dick. Gloria knew zwingers jerked my cock until it erupted and sent cum splashing into her mouth and over her face. She rubbed my dick over her face and licked off the semen several times. We gathered our robes and went into the house. Gloria and Ellen went upstairs and David and I sat in the family room.

Our wives were standing on either side of the king-size bed, Ellen on the far side and Gloria on the near. Ellen was all in black, stilettos, stockings a lacy thong, garter belt and push-up bra that fully exposed her hard nipples. Gloria wore just a pink waist cincher with matching stockings and heels. One hand toyed with the nipple of her right tit and the other caressed her clit and pussy. David removed his robe as he went around the bed and embraced Ellen. He mauled her ass and tits then bent her over, pulled her thong to one side and fingered her pussy. She knelt down fondling and mouthing his cock to a full and very stiff hard-on.

She took one then the other then both into her mouth as both hands jerked his cock. His balls filled her mouth and her cheeks bulged and David held her head. It was both lewd and very erotic; I never imagined I would see my wife in such a position but it thrilled me. Gloria and I kissed and fondled and my dick was rock hard in the hand. I felt my cock begin to stir, and realized with a slight embarrassment, that he had seen this and noticed, before I managed to change my position to cover it. Then I noticed that his cock had also begun to stir, and was filling out as he talked.

I could barely tear my eyes from it, as it slowly lengthened until it was hanging down a good five inches, though he carried on talking as if completely unaware of this. I felt the electricity through the firm handshake. I wondered if he did. He declined the offer of my towel and sat down facing me, about six feet away, leaning back against another rock and casually adjusting his cock and balls with his hand so that they were comfortably in front of his legs, and in full view. I tried not to look, as I tried to avoid getting a full on erection. We chatted easily for several minutes. What do you do, just stand and look? Sometimes you get couples watching and the women will start sucking the guys.

His cock was also getting harder I could see. You talking about that is making me feel horny. It was a real beauty, about seven inches long and as thick as a cucumber. He slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal a great purple head. That must be eight inches long. Do you like to play around with guys? Preferably at the same time," he added with a twinkle in his eye.

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