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Live inverter of Building TV. I even did many of my own worries, like tinder a pound struggle and tech into that rowboat at the end.

Did any other oceanic-adventure movies inspire your costars, Luke Perry and Dan Cortese?

Not so much Luke and Danbut Lewis [Teague] was parading around impersonating some pirate from a black-and-white movie. I think he believed he was Long John Silver there for a while. Are you surprised the show has endured in syndication for so long, on so many varied networks? You keep seeing your face over and over again all the time.

You become immortalized, you know? I know that reunion shows have been popular lately. Is there any plan liive a Wonder Years reunion? They just gathered us all together to talk about the show. We all sat down on a panel. They pieced together an amazing collage. It brought tears to my eyes. They killed him off pretty abruptly. I mean, they could have ended the show happy—but then they went and did that. I remember that scene. We were all gathered at a parade, remember? And they just dropped that on us. There was so much comedy on that show.

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