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My Bare Bottom Paddled Hard.

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It can even blttom trust. It did for me, because I was absolutely certain my parents were not going to let me stray from the mark and get into difficulty I might not know how Paddlef get out of. They did it without anger and with a full explantion of the misdeed and its' consequences. I do not recommend family adults to strike a 10 year old human being with a piece of wood nor with their hands. Use behavior modification to teach the boy right behavior. In otherwords, the 10 year old knows how to write, assign him to write a paragraph of 3 or 4 reasons why his words should be kind and why he should be nice to others, as opposed to 3 or 4 reasons why he should not be mouthy or rude to others.

You can also curtail privileges, no TV, no playing, must go to bed early for a week, etc. Never used corporal punishment. Their girl was OK, an overachiever some kids obviously don't need "spanking" But their 2 sons were something else. One, a petty theft all his teen years,his parents bailed him out over and over, drug addicted and dead at 28 due to drug use. The other is still living, but chronically depressed, refusing mental heath counseling, and he lives sponging off of others at 40yrs old.

Bare bottom his Paddled

My other nieces and nephews, who experienced occasional corporal punishment, are kind, thoughtful,responsible adults. We teach our children to let us hiw if someone tries to teach their "privates" but you people suggest it is alright to expose them. Which one is it? Since I had years of experience of having my bare bottom exposed up to 17 bate old for beatings with a belt, I know a little more about this method of punishment. It makes the child not able to trust a parent. Isn't the whipping or paddling as you called it, isn't that bad enough? Should the child have to suffer shame from his bottom being shone to his punisher?! How would you,as an adult, feel under the same situation?

Any normal thinking, feeling adult would not allow this. So neither should a child be forced to endure that. Nothing Godly or Christian about it. As opposed to a legal crime? So I worded the sentence a bit incorrectly. There isn't such a thing as an "illegal" or "legal" crime. Does that state things more clearly?

Augie -- I agree! I think more problems are caused by LACK of discipline than by "paddling. It is legal in Texas. And only a week ago, the State Dep. Of Education decided to prohibit teachers from using it-- although corporal punishment has been pretty much unheard of in Texas schools for years. Over your clothes, but the thought scared me. I almost got paddled for starting a fist fight after school. I sholved show at the school until the Principal told me to go home. The other two guys got two paddlings each. As I remember things, Paddled his bare bottom learned to resist fighting. However, the other two guys became angrier and eventually dropped out of school.

Not sure where they are today. Today, at least in the USA, what that Principal did with his 1" x 4" paddle would be an illegal crime. Yet, look at how bad USA schools are. Kids know that they can do whatever they want. One cop even recommended it. Said he was going see if he could spank his wife. We hsve two daughters, 13 and They are barebottom spanked by their dad, and always will be. My last school paddling was done by the principal with the asst principal for witness and in the pricipals locked office. There were no windows in the room, and no females present.

I was bare bottomeddd paddled, at least 10 20 this time per daddys instructions. Those ten were harder delivered than the first Believe me when the principal called the asst principle in to witness my jeans and panties were to my knees and I was bent over quick. I told daddy at home and brought him the paddle and received 25 licks bare bottomed. I have a Masters degree and work everyday in a high paying job. I know I didn't get all the spanking I should have and deserved. If I was lucky enough to spend time at a friends house you better believe the friends father was told by daddy if I did something to not hesitate to give m3 10 hard licks barebottomed. She was told to take a seat in his little waiting room, and as she feared, the paddle that was about to be used on her hung from the wall.

She tried her very best to not concentrate on it, but it was all she could think about. The strap had left her bottom quite a mess, she could not even imagine how bad the paddle was going to feel.

She had plenty of time to consider these thoughts, as the Dean was in no hurry, and she spent a good 20 minutes Paddlrd her fate. When the Dean was finally ready for her, she was called nis his office and told to bring the paddle with her. With heavy feet, she Paxdled the paddle and made her way into his office. As instructed, she handed him the paddle, and simply waited to see what was next for her. He was quite curious as to how she could continue to get in trouble, after the discipline she received the day before, and he asked that she show him her bottom. She lowered her panties and lifted her skirt so the Dean could evaluate the state of her bottom.

He had her move closer to her desk, and as suspected, her bottom was a complete mess. There was no doubt that she had received two very effective strappings the day before as her bottom was still black and blue.

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