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Why Do Some Mammals Have a Penis Bone? Evolutionary Puzzle Explained

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Humans are actually unusual in this respect, as our species has lost the mineralised bone in place of a small ligament in the tip of the penis.

This means we have potentially overlooked important interactions between the sexes. This bias may partly stem from practical issues—male genitals are often made up of rigid hard parts sitting outside the body, making them easier for scientists to study. In total, the act of mating might last up to three hours. Fortunately for the males of the species, they are packing a secret weapon to help them through this daunting task. Protecting the urethra However, our new research —which used innovative 3D scanning and engineering-inspired computer simulations — has revealed that in carnivores the group including cats, bears, dogs and weaselsthe baculum may help males breed for extended periods of time.

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Thankfully, with the application of new Puzzld imaging techniques and computer modelling, our awareness of female genital anatomy is beginning to catch up. Read the original article. In animals possessing a baculum, males with wider penis bones have been shown to father a larger number of offspring. Yet exactly how the penis bone impacts on male fertility has remained a puzzle. Penis bone baculum is highlighted in pink.

Puzzle Penis

Brassey Where are all the females? Peni bones are notable for being extremely diverse in shape, with species being distinguished by possessing bizarre tips, ridges and grooves. It has always been a bit of mystery as to why some species of male mammals evolved bones in their penises. Some modern mammals including ferrets, mice, dogs and even apes have a bone inside their penis, called the baculum.

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