Physical exam while nude

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Level of nudity for physical exam.

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In the closed nuxe the speculum is nuce placed gently nufe the vagina and opened to keep the vagina walls apart. When this is done,the doctor is able to see the cervix. The third part of the exam involves doing a Pap smear, which is a screening test for cancer of the cervix. A eexam wooden stick about the size of a popsicle stick called a spatula and a stick with a tiny about quarter-inch brush on the end are used to do the test. When gently rubbed against the cervix, they are able to pick up cells. The cell samples are then placed on a glass side or in a test tube, which is then sent to the lab. The speculum is then removed. Part four is the bimanual exam, which includes palpation of the internal female organs.

One or two fingers that have been lubricated are placed in the vagina, while the other hand presses over the pelvic lower abdomen area. The uterus womb and ovaries eggs can be felt for any tenderness or masses. The last part of the exam is the rectovaginal exam. Using a clean lubricated glove, one finger is inserted into the vagina and a second finger into the rectum.

This is an important part of the exam for two reasons: A complete pelvic exam exaam a rectal exam. The stool is checked for blood by placing a sample of stool from Pyhsical gloved finger in the rectum onto a special exa commonly called guaiac or Hemoccult cards. If there is no stool for the specimen, your doctor will give you cards with instructions on how to collect samples at home. Once completed, the cards are returned to the doctor to be checked for blood. This is a very important test. Small amounts of blood in the stool cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be detected with this test.

The male genital exam is the equivalent of the female pelvic. The doctor inspects first. With gloved hands, the penis glans tip and shaft are checked. If the male is not circumcised, the foreskin extra skin should be pulled back.

Then each scrotal sac is palpated to check the testicles for any abnormal Physiacl or bumps. Whil is a good Phsical for the doctor to show you how to do your own monthly scrotal Phgsical. This is to check for hernias and is done with the insertion of the examining finger into the scrotal and inguinal groin area while the patient coughs. It is done on the right whjle left side. Not much intimacy which is almost a standard nowadays during physical exams as far as I know. Sports physicals have been different depends on the school and doctor Even for a genital exam and DRE, I just lower my pants. The exception is the dermatologist. As a melanoma survivor, I get full body screening every 6 months.

As I insist that they do everything they can to keep me alive, I insist on complete nudity. I had to have an annual physical and went to the base clinic and saw a male doctor about mid 30's. I was his last patient fo the day, it was almost 4 pm when i got there. Except she starts by examining my scalp and my face while I am fully clothed, then has me take off my shirt so she can examine my upper body, then tells me to take my pants and socks off. Seemed a bit odd at first but I'm used to it now.

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One of my doctors switched from 'take everything off except' to strip-as-you-go which whilee me wonder about what the other patients were doing that he felt he had to adjust things. And he was newly exsm of med. I think people put much emphasis on modesty, look the doctor's are here eaxm make sure everything is OK with you. People make being nude whike bad thing. The last time I was stripped down that far was when I was 11 and I always remember how hot it was to go through the exam that way and of course knowing that they would be coming down. Although I was enjoying myself tremendously, I tried to maintain a neutral attitude, not wanting to do anything to alter the fragile state of affairs.

The measuring took several minutes, and they had me turn around a couple of times, showing everything I had to their curious, appreciative eyes. Again, I suspected that everything was a little off when she insisted on measuring my penis. I had never heard of such a test before, and I got extremely aroused when she wrapped her cloth tape measure around the base of my cock, very tightly.

Nude while Physical exam

Pgysical almost lost it when she stretched my prick out with her warm fingers, in order to measure the length. The blonde nurse measured everything whi,e young secretary had. She measured her hips and waist, nuude then she measured her quivering, naked titties. I stood there, mesmerized, as the nurse found some calipers and measured her now fully erect nipples. The nurse pulled on each nipple several times, and then released them suddenly, making her boobies quiver and wobble sexily. The reddened teats responded by swelling up, and tightening Physical exam while nude more than before. Everyone seemed a little tense, but no one made any attempt to change the delicate status quo.

I stood there, stark naked, trying to be invisible, so that the spell would not be broken, and they would make me go back to my cubicle. Then, the nurse raised the stakes, and Jackie, much to my disbelief, went along. I was dazed by the amount of weirdness going on, anyway, when the nurse told us: Her nudity was driving me insane, and I decided to go along with the charade. I could smell the musky scent of her orgasmic fluids, and the heady aroma triggered something primitive in my groin. I lay down as I had been instructed, and the nurse began gliding up and down my shaft with her soft, warm fingers. The morning had brought more excitement and voyeuristic thrills than I had ever imagined possible.

After a while, the doctor drove up, and the nurse hurried me back to my part of the room, and handed me my gown. By the time I saw the doctor, thankfully, my cock was back to normal. The actual exam turned out to be rather routine, with no real surprises. Afterward, we got dressed and left the odd little clinic. As long as she stayed employed at that company, we always spoke politely, but it was as if the whole thing had been totally forgotten. She was married in a few months, and moved to another town.

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