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Pubic Hairstyles – A Basic Guide

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It probably keeps you a little bit warmer too!

Of a landing strip Picture

For this style, you shave or wax the hair that would stick out of a bikini and trim the rest with scissors or clippers for a neat, clean look. The Bikini Line Next is the sfrip line trim. Then let me Pictuure you through the pros and cons of the 4 most common pubic hairstyles. With this style, all of your pubic hair is either waxed or shaved off for a bald look. A landing strip is similar to a Brazilian, but it leaves a thin strip of hair in place just above the vagina. You can wear any style of swimsuit you want without worrying about hair This is the cleanest pubic hair style, since there is no hair to trap sweat, germs, or odors Bare skin is more sensitive, so sex will feel better Cons: A full Brazilian will even remove the hair from your bum crack!

Sure, some women have more or less than others, but the full bush is what you get if you let it grow. The landing strip can be time consuming and painful It can be hard to get the shape just right I think the landing strip is the best option if you want to be able to wear any swimsuit without showing off your pubic hair.

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There are a number of great trimmers lsnding there specifically designed for the bikini area — click here to check out my recommendations for the best bikini trimmers that will make your life easier. The natural look is easy to maintain, as it requires no time or expense Cons: This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide — there are some very creative girls who are skilled with a razor! The Brazilian takes more time to create If you shave, you are more likely to get razor burn and ingrown hairs over the larger area If you wax, it can be expensive and it will hurt Some people are turned off by the bare look The Landing Strip Last, but certainly not least, is the landing strip hey, where have I heard that name before…?

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