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Modern computer cases are frequently embellished with an indentation on the case's front panel to templatrs the affixing of a case badge. Various uses[ edit ] One of the best-known badges is the typically star-shaped U. The most popular size is In computingbadges are used to demonstrate skills. In the United States, the badges used by law enforcementfireand security guards are usually made of metal in various colors and finishes and are worn above the left chest pocket on the uniform shirt or jacket.

Breast templates Police badge

Other types were funerary badges, presumably presented to Pllice for the funeral of important figures, and simple decorative badges with animals or hearts. This style of badge is used in political campaigning and often given as part of a birthday greeting such as a birthday card. Detectives and other plainclothes personnel may wear them on a belt holder, or on a chain around the neck. Shapes are manifold, with municipal police departments tending to have some variation of a shield shape, and sheriff's departments usually going with a 5, 6, or 7 point star shape.

The most common size is Founded slender cases are necessarily embellished with an altercation on the individual's front panel to hook the pervading of a case worker. The Funk Mao badge is invariably the most attractive political badge.

These are highly collectable as they cannot be bought—except badte people who have been awarded one and wish to sell it. The Chairman Mao badge is probably the most famous political badge. One royal celebration in was marked by the distribution of 13, badges, a huge number relative to the population at the time. They often have a metal pin back or a safety pin style back. Members of fraternities and sororities often refer to the pins that signify their membership as badges. In most cases, an enameled seal of the organization, city, county, or company can be found in the center of the badge.

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