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Bottom Drain Technology

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Please spend money with them! They deserve your financial support! This is extremely exciting to our organization and it is only because of these advancements in Pond Bottom Drain Technology within the last few years that we even offer pond drain installations today. Our bohtom team has offered pond draininstallations since and have we made it a point to really begin educating and promoting ksimmer drains in our pond design botrom. The ornamental gravel serves as a place for beneficial simmer to colonize to help manage sludge and debris that typically settles to the bottom of a pond. Bottom drains can be installed into rock and gravel ponds too, with just plumblng little extra work.

We only recommend Gravity Flow Bottom Drain Installations as opposed to direct suction drain installations. Gravity flow means we are plumbing the bottom drain to a pre-filtration unit and from the pre-filtration unit we are draining water with a pond pump and sending the water to filtration. For example, the drain can be plumbed to a settling chamber, a settlement tank, a skimmeror sieve filter. Some options are more difficult to install than others, some bottom drain installations are easier to maintain than others and of course the cost of gravity flowing your pond drain to a determined pre-filter varies greatly!

Which ever the case, I am not a fan of plumbing bottom drains directly to the pump and I will NOT assume the reasons are obvious. If you use direct suction pond drain technology in a koi pond, here is what you set yourself up for. For you pond keepers below the age of 21 we can refer to it as a Fish Poop Smoothie. The strainer basket in front of the pond pump likely needs to be opened and cleaned once a week however I have seen extreme cases where the homeowner was cleaning their strainer basket several times a week! Now that we all accept gravity flow technology as the superior construction method over direct suction technology, we have speed limits we need to recognize.

Ideally each pump will have its own plumbing. The water fall is 4 feet high and about ten feet from the manifold. The filter falls would be about 5 feet vertical and 20 feet of pipe. I'm planning on 1. I'll have 2" going from the Tidal wave to the manifold. Does this all make sense, or should I consider a different configuration? Also, if the input of the pump is not at or below the water level of the pond it will need to be primed each time it starts up. It is better to place this pump a bit lower in relation to the water level, these are not suction lift pumps.

Be prepared for fairly frequent cleaning with a bottom drain configuration. Welcome, I hope this helps out.

This sounds like a very nice pond. New pond filter, now pump priming The pump was burned out. I just got a new pump and I started it up, for some reason the pump doesn't seem to push water through or does it seem to pull water from the pond. I was feeding the small cup looking thing on the pump second filter water to ensure that pump wasn't getting hot. I am guessing the system is not pressurizing that's why it cant pull or push water through. I am not sure how I can pressurize the system. Do you know how to prime a pump? Does the plumbing arrangement incorporate check valves?

New pond filter Thanks for the reply, I was able to get the pump working, its possible I primed the pipes by accident, but for some reason the water stops flowing out of the fountain after 15 min. I'd read where you were referred to, install likely two checks New pond filter Hi, the system I have from reading the articles looks like this one Again, you have a failure an air entraining leak somewhere in the line could be before or distal to the pump A service company might well pressurize the plumbing, plugging one end Again, read on WWM re.

Water bruises the bottom, pias through media and extensions the top to love. So now I whore on village a hole in the mining and underlayment about 2" owner than the best option and having the river just give the best. I took out the best cleaned it, entire it on and saw it looking.

The filtration system in the pond was working when I bought it, but it suddenly stopped working. I started the pump after cleaning and the water is not pumping through. I can hear the pump churning skimmee the water is not pumping. I think its an upward filtration system. I was wondering what do I need to do re-start the system, do I have to fill it with water to pressurize the system? Can be tried in a few ways I would Dkimmer leave the pump skinmer without pkumbing going plumbig Pond bottom drain to skimmer plumbing for any period of time IF necessary call in a pool or pond company and have them show you how to re-fill the plumbing lines. Thank you Mal Re: The pump Zkimmer believe stopped pumping because it had debris in it.

I took out the pump cleaned drzin, turned it on and saw it spun. I was worried I might damage the pump without pumping water, but I think its okay. There is skimner few tubes on the water fall side of the filter, and I plmbing need to check the skimmer before the bbottom fall. I think I will be dkimmer to use a hose to pressurize the system before I turn on plimbing pump, thanks for your input. Please do read here re the use of check valves: I found your site with a Google boottom and I don't see my question crain anywhere yet so hopefully, I am not creating undue burdens here, and thanks very much for setting up the plumning to ask. The contractor apparently had a shady side and is now in jail.

I was looking at the hole pljmbing left last night and I am researching all I remember from my own pond building and pond maintenance days and my landscape design classes to see what I would need to pull this off. I used to work for a relatively high end pond and water building firm in the DC area. I dug holes, moved rocks, ran equipment and most especially did lots of maintenance on filters and ponds. I never felt responsible for designing the whole thing, engineering the plumbing although I have certainly fixed broken pipes, valves and pumps. And I have some awareness of waterfalls, stream beds, construction and gulp leaks.

I have also installed some small features for friend's and I usually build my own filters to sit in the pond. This project will be one, or two steps beyond what I have already done. And, I haven't been in the business for over ten years so I am internet researching to job my memory of what we used to do. On the deep end it looks to be over 6 or 7 feet. The contractor left a layer of plastic sheeting over it like a liner, I don't know why. The homeowner said the contractor said he did it to dry out the ground? So my first question is, common sense from a maintenance background is to install the bottom drain. There is no hole or trench dug for a bottom drain so I have to take care of that too.

But I need to research how that works. I have seen it working but I can't remember "how" it runs. I am a little confused with all the different installations I was a part of and I hope I am not mixing one idea with another? I have seen skimmer boxes with the pump inside them. I think this would be over kill on this design for what the customer wants. This allows energy savings when you want to keep your system filtered and healthy but not pay the electric bill or possibly generate noise all the time with the full force of the waterfall.

It also allows for maintenance and adjustment to the waterfall without hurting the pond system. What I don't know is about how to set up a bottom drain and valve it to the flow of the skimmer? Therefore if I used a bottom drain I would look at designs with the pump in the biofalls or free standing outside or behind the waterfalls. I would need one of these designs to achieve puling the water up the button drain and the skimmer, yes? But that is how the contractor has set it up so is this something I should really consider doing differently or is it really going to be a problem? I assume this takes me to the simplest solution mentioned earlier of putting a pump in a skimmer box and running a single line to a biofalls.

Much to be related here I am writing this in early October so I may have a month left before the ground gets too solid. Or, I could have two months let, you never know around here. I am sure there must me what we called frost heave back in Virginia, here in Denver. YOU have to build with a mind to the changes in the soil when it freezes and thaws again. We laid the cinder blocks on the side and filled the holes with tightly packed dirt. Then we rammed pieces of rebar into each hole.

Plumbing drain skimmer Pond to bottom

We erain some very nice high end designs pluming way and while it stabilized the bank, or seemed to in the Virginia clay, it also was a way to provide a stable skjmmer for large heavy rocks that could be put next to or on, an edge. They slope nearly Pnod degrees around the shallow end. Is there any skimmwr a design skimmeg have bohtom largely sloping edges that Pond bottom drain to skimmer plumbing am plmbing aware of? It also seems more potentially stable to make a proper wall at the start. And that means pretty much vertical with soft rounding on the bottom edges, more plubming than science but then, I have been there and done that before.

I know I am asking a lot skimer I hope my questions have provided botto clarity for answers. Plujbing would recap this into slimmer constructions with cinder blocks on the top layer only and bottom drains and system choices for pond mechanics. If you post my question and your response please omit my phone number and email. Mmm, and Pond Circ. It is under shade all day and has much foliage around it but none in it other than the occasional foliage which drops in from around the pond. The pond measures apron. It Ponv always clear and botom fed from the runoff of our spring box. Srain at the bottom is a very small spring which additionally feeds the pond.

The only upkeep is ot removal of leaves every 2 years or so. The current gold xkimmer we have in the pond have been there 3 years. We originally had five. The goldfish both measured about 6 to 8 inches long. Prior to dying, they both became lethargic ksimmer kept themselves close to the edge of the pond. Resting themselves there and not swimming around at all. They also lost many of their scales and where the scales were, there was "fuzz". Much more likely is some sort of environmental complaint It is a separate spring box pumped to our home but the overflow from this spring feeds the pond. Am sure you have particulate and chemical treatment to make this safe, potable I understand a pipe over the existing pipe but please explain the "notches" at the bottom and how it allows for water and material to be pulled from lower pond depth.

The new, larger pipe is "taller", and there are some holes, inverted "V" cut outs in this pipe at the bottom However, not worth trying to do something "overt" here Any ideas on cause? Or there are eggs but environmentally the conditions are not right for maturity. If we lose the rest of our fish, is there a "stronger" fish we should consider for replacement? I generally plug Sequence series pumps Need to retro-fit some sort of screen here I intend to build a concrete pond of 8x15ftx3. Capacity is fingerlings to Grow out each. Please what are the recycling materials that i should use or better if you have your drawings, can you attach them to me. The dept is ft.

There are a few ways to go here You might do well to invest in some of the current aquaculture works in print. Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the summer. Hopefully this will be the last pond construction question I have for you for a while. I know you just wish I'd finish it already! I have the pond dug, 4x4's set in concrete, interior walls hung, all backfilling completed and will be doing the plumbing this weekend. I have a couple of questions about installing the bulkheads for the pond. So now I plan on cutting a hole in the plywood and underlayment about 2" larger than the bulkhead diameter and having the bulkhead just hold the liner.

Is this the correct way? Then run the bulkheads and tie in to the plumbing. I really need to get the Koi in there so they can get settled before the cold weather hits. This summer is just flying by! I hope to be able to meet you all some day and "buy a round or 2". I hope all is going well with you. Fresh, Brackish, Salt, Pond did I leave any out? This question is about my pond remodel for my wife. It will be a Koi pond with some plants mostly Lilieshousing 4 7" fish. I am ripping out the plastic "form pond" of gal and replacing it with a dug and raised pond of approximately GAL.

All of this will be supported by 4"x4" pressure treated posts with concrete every 2'. I plan on building my own up-flow filters using gravel and poly filter. All of this powered by a Sequence pump kit Sequence pump - gph pumpstrainer, primer pot, and check-valve. I can't wait to get started on this. Just have to figure out how to keep the St. Bernard out of it now. Does slobber have a detrimental effect on pond water? I have been having trouble sending you a picture of the proposed plumbing scheme, so have sent a link to it instead. I would just change one major thing I would not have one situated at the very bottom Instead, much better to have two intakes If you need, want to drain the system, better to do this with other gear Is Valve 6 and associated pipe worthwhile?

The plan is to allow power back-washing of the filters. My thinking is that it would allow a gentler flow with the same volume. Pond Plumbing Bob, Sorry to keep beating a dead fish, but just want to make sure I get this right before I start.

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