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‘puffy nipples’ stories

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Can a Ruff and Puff be co-leaders without tension building up? Updated on various Saturdays! Will Butch shrug it off, or will jealousy consume him?

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Three stars fall from the sky. Now the Powerpuffs and Pufgy will truly learn the joys of parenthood as they all take care of him until Boomer returns to his normal self Suddenly one day they are rescued from their prison from two unlikely people- Bubbles and Buttercup. Butch has a player reputation, will he be able to convince the girl of his dreams that he can be serious? Buttercup falls for the Rowdyruff Boy and his brothers excpect him to not return the feelings, but Butch is about to suprise them all, even Buttercup. She sneaks them into her room and takes care of the of course Powerpuff Girls - Rated: Will they put being enemies aside to help the newborns?

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Stories Puffy teens

However, their special creation isn't exactly as sweet as they had hoped, and always seems to have a trick up her sleeve. Or will the babies be in danger all the way though the fight? IF he ever returns to his normal self! What does she do? T - English - Romance - Chapters:

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