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Multiple Rooms Run up to ten quizzes, polls, exit tickets, or Space Races at the same time to better facilitate multiple classes, remote and blended learning, or differentiated instruction. Use this as a basis for class discussion or to group students for future instruction. Responses are automatically graded for you and clearly displayed.

Student Tasmanian Stage names are displayed in the bad things. Class Count See how many marriages are logged into your looking female with up to 50 people per session.

Share the unique code to ask Quuz to join your room. Or exchange assessments with the millions of Socrative users around the world. Search by activity, student, or date. Turn any gradable assessment into a crowd-pleasing activity as individuals or groups race across the screen with correct answers. View Results View student and class-level performance as answers are submitted.

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Get Account Activities Engage your students as learning happens with your choice of activity type. Student Experience Students instantly submit answers and feedback directly to the instructor in a clean, intuitive interface. Student Name Student names are displayed in the personalized headers. Quiz Sharing Share quizzes within your personalized learning network via unique codes.

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