Restored vintage coke macnines

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Vintage Coke Machines For Sale

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Click here for Terms and Conditions Technical support: For Sale We offer restoration services for your vintage soda machine, candy vendor, gas pump or other interesting vintage collectible. I was looking for a vintage Coke Machine for my Garage where I keep my 57 Chevy and other collectables.

Thanks for undressing memories for us Aubrey!. Once I have all this business I will be more than happy to get you a good on restoration, timetable and compatriot options if zip code is if. Students are not slim that that kind is often to be very in and classy as is.

If you see something you like or would just like to talk about old pop machines, drop me cokee line. Although the most popular bottle is the familiar, small 8 oz Coke bottle, there is also Sprite, Diet Coke, and the NEW Coke Life that are offered in the same, small 8 oz bottle as well. Another option is to look for a chest style machine that is merely a cooler, you can put just about anything in it, open the lid, reach in and and grab a cold one. John did an amazing job!

Cavalier was macninnes successful Coca Cola Resored machine company. Looking for a Vintage Soda Machine for your garage, game room or living room. In or around the greater St Louis area or to the local shipping terminal Operating and Owners Manual: Joe - Jacksonville, FL. However, we do not want customers to be misled into thinking they are getting the same product or products that we are known for producing and standing behind.

Vintage coke macnines Restored

Variables that will determine the value of any vending machine include: We use it everyday and it runs and works perfectly. War Department declared soft drinks as "essential to soldier morale". Include photos of the inside as well to determine if your missing any major parts like bottle drums, shelves, compressor or coin mechanism. I'm thinking i need another for the Garage! During this time, I have restored and sold machines all over the country and also overseas.

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