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Here are some strategies used per neurodiverse condition: Proceseing who are hypersexual Sensoryy to engage in sexual behavior frequently, often to the point that daily activities are left uncompleted. Proceszing is not unusual for people with hyper-sexuality to spend a great deal of time watching pornography, masturbating, or fantasizing because of an increased need for sexual stimulation or to combat boredom. Discuss ways to spice things up before sex to ensure that both parties are comfortable. Seek a variety of positions, locations, and techniques whenever possible.

If you know that your partner with ADHD is sensitive to light or sweet smells, for example, turn off the lights and refrain from using lotions or perfumes. Do not be afraid to seek the help of a qualified sex therapist. Many couples coping with ADHD benefit greatly from couples counseling and sex therapy. Get rid of distractions and try doing calming exercises together, such as yoga or meditation, so you can learn to be in the now.

Make dates for sex and commit to them. But for those with severe TS symptoms, usually management of TS is included also for more information about TS management, click the article procesing. Learning Disabilities — this is specific for each learning disability. Dyslexia — As they struggle with reading comprehension, they usually have intuitive verbal abilities, disorer makes verbal instruction easier for them. While proceswing sex education manuals may be difficult, providing pictures, watching a video not porn about sexuality and sex education, or proocessing to a sexologist regarding sexuality may be more okay than reading. For dating gestures, verbal expressions are preferred over written letters.

Dyscalculia — performing acrobatic sex positions is discouraged. Stick with the easier types. This is to avoid miscalculation of distance, which can be a disaster for her and her partner imagine injuries and sexual frustrations. Dyspraxia — never also try hard sex positions because these involve motor skills, which is not good for dyspraxics. Language Disorders — Instead of telling partners verbally their sexual desires, write them instead to better understand what they want in bed. Or point out to a picture or illustration of an erotic scene so that to avoid conflict. As with language disorders, speech and communication therapy is also important like teaching about sarcasm and nonverbal language so that people with language disorders can distinguish people who want a relationship and to avoid a sexual predator.

When reading about sexuality topics, make sure to read and comprehend them slowly to completely understand sexuality. To know more about language disorders, read my specific language impairment and stuttering posts. From there, specific strategies are made for a person with SPD to have a better sex life. Consulting a sexologist with knowledge about SPD may be helpful too. Adjusting the external stimuli that can interfere with sexual activity lighting, room temperature, fabric, type of sex, foreplay, etc. Alternate forms of sexual activities like bondage-discipline fetishes for the hypostimulated can be tried also.

The bottomline here is education about how neurodiversity affects sexuality and strategies used to fulfill sexual needs of the neurodivergent.

Having casual sex is discouraged but not prohibited. No, not because of morals or whatsoever religion but because of disclosing neurodiversity. Since casual sex involves people that barely know each other, trust is hard to build and a sexual partner may become agitated when having sex with a stranger with neurodiverse condition. This may be somewhat hard for the neurodivergent as he is at risk of being rejected later or right away because the sexual partner, especially if uneducated about neurodiversity, may suspect that the neurodivergent partner is either rude, weird, or conscious, or even crazy. Extreme High Sez Drive by: Anonymous My husband is in his mid fifties.

I have always thought he was Autistic because of odd behaviors.

Sex Sensory processing disorder

I also thought Sensory over load was a symptom of Autism. Then Snesory read esx and I see it can be alone. Does anyone experience this problem or know anyone with it? My husband Srnsory not have intercourse. With NO foreplay at all, he can roll over on me or behind me and ejaculate before he even gets in me. He cannot touch me, caress me, or perform oral sex on me with out having to stop within a minute because he has already got off. This is so much more than premature ejaculation, it is complete sensory over load. And he wants it all the time. If he even lays up beside me, he's got an erection and ejaculating.

This is more taxing and overwhelming than I have room to properly explain in this post, so take my word for it. Like I said earlier, while I might avoid situations that challenge my visual and auditory differences, I will often actively seek input from tactile and proprioceptive sources.

Organized appearances of sexual escapades like bondage-discipline fetishes for the hypostimulated can be leery also. Sham casual sex is contained but not interested.

In some ways, this is like the opposite of the eye-poking analogy I brought up in 5. Here, we are almost asking our irritating sibling to just go ahead and poke us square in the eye and never stop. Think about the soundboard again for a second. All toggles need to be somewhat aligned for a being to feel in harmony, and because some of our toggles are too high and some are too low, we are desperately seeking balance. We feel anxious and depressed, and we assign deep meaning to the wrong things. Some of these diagnoses exist on their own, some are SPD in disguise, and some are hard-wired patterns from decades of misunderstanding.

If you ever sort out which is which, give me a call. You surely win a prize. OT is the place for SPD adults to begin their diagnostic journey. Here is where things change for the adult SPD population. We SPD adults have lots of eggs in our sensory baskets. We go to school, we come home. Maybe we have a playdate or two. Families and schools swoop in, the kid lands in the talented laps of OTs, and all sorts of rewiring activities are undertaken. There are swings and beanbags and balls and discs.

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