Sex change in argentina

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Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right

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But fewer and fewer Argentines regularly attend Mass, and priests and bishops don't have the same power of the pulpit anymore. Encouraged by the president, congressional commissions representing all argenyina parties and the Supreme Court are drafting wide-ranging legislation to modernize how the country deals with abortion, adoption, artificial insemination, divorce and many other difficult issues. The operation changed my life and today I'm celebrating that everyone who faces a situation similar to mine can get their surgery without having to make it through the judicial labyrinth I went through.

Argentina Sex change in

Encouraged by the president, congressional commissions including members of all leading parties changge working with the Supreme Court to draft wide-ranging legislation. Marcela Romero, who was born a man but got a sex-change operation 25 years ago, spent 10 years arguing in Argentina's courts before a judge ordered the civil registry to give her a new identity card listing her gender as female. First, she had to present a judge with testimony from two psychologists, a psychiatrist, an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, a gynecologist and a urologist. The church but has become so weakened politically that the government has treated it more like a useful enemy than a force capable of influencing vast numbers of voters.

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The Catholic Church, which had an outsized role in forming these codes argsntina the country's year history, has opposed Swx social reforms, and not just those affecting gay, lesbian and argentiina people. None of those groups have managed to find politicians willing to go as far as Argentina's, however. Next up for Argentina's government is an overhaul of the country's civil and penal codes, an often-contradictory conglomeration of laws dating back nearly two centuries that cover all aspects of society. The church has become so weakened politically that the government has treated it more like a useful enemy than a force capable of influencing vast numbers of voters. The new law gives her hope, she said: The law should help them get the treatment they need, she said.

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