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Chapter 1 Chapter Text Clever as Loki is, he fails to notice that the path Thor chooses to take as he marches his brother through the castle is one that is isolated and purposeless. Their journey is meant to be underway soon, and Thor spoke as if he were on his way to prepare, but this path goes nowhere near any of the places where they ought to be going. The corridor is permanently cast in shadow, narrow and peripheral, and rarely frequented by anyone. It's one of many similar pathways that Loki himself preferred to travel by in his misspent youth, finding the seclusion and shadows comforting.

Perhaps that is part of why he fails to note that there is no reason for them to be here; that the Thor he knew would never take such a dark route when broad and brightly lit corridors were available. But the Thor he knew is gone, as much as the young and blameless Loki is gone. There's a darkness over Thor right now, a black cloud smeared onto him that Loki is equal parts proud of and frightened to see, because he is the one who managed to work Thor into such an unforgiving mood. Getting under Thor's skin is far too easy, an old game, really, but this time Things are so different now.

New York was not a game. Some days he even regrets it.

Some days he worries that it will be the first thing Thor never forgives him for. He flinches when Thor Seex his chains, gaggec him along at a pace that gaggec unrelenting, always a half-step faster than Loki can manage to SSex up with. He's nearly tripping over himself, his chains pulled tight on his wrists and throat, but every time he snarls in protest, Thor wrenches them even further, so that Loki has to try to keep the brutal pace in gaggee to avoid being strangled. So focused he is on the tight grip Thor has on his leash, literally, it's not entirely surprising that Gagyed fails to notice how ggged astray Thor has led him.

Not until Thor abruptly stops, one hand still clutching Loki's chains in a vice grip, the other hand closing around Loki's throat without warning and shoving him bodily against the wall. All at once, Loki realizes what Thor has done - taken him aside, somewhere entirely secluded - and that he is about to reap the wrath he's been seeding in Thor for so long. Loki manages a harsh gasp before Thor's fingers dig into his neck in a hard, decisive action, effectively closing his airway. The pressure on Loki's throat releases just as quickly as it had struck, but for a long second afterward, the dishonored prince cannot draw a breath.

In that moment of time, Thor grabs hold of Loki's hair, yanking viciously until Loki is turned to face the wall. Thor shoves him again, Loki's head momentarily cracking against the stone and making him see splotty red visions that ache in the veins of his eyes. You are my prisoner," Thor says precisely, a feral emphasis on the possessive word that makes Loki shudder. The warrior has him crowded him against the wall, every inch of his lean frame covered by Thor's broad body, as if to physically remind him of just how much smaller and weaker he is compared to Thor's raw strength. That he is literally at his master's mercy. The last thought makes Loki draw an audible breath, and Thor seems to take it as acknowledgment, as the submissive gesture that it ultimately is.

The trickster bucks, trying to snap his head back into Thor's, to break the hold, but he misses and suddenly there's a hand planted between Loki's shoulders, crushing his chest and cheek flat against the wall. He bites down hard, locking his jaw, but it makes little difference in loosing Thor's grip and leaves him panting through his nose like a wild animal. It makes little difference to me whether you come along by choice, or if I must drag you by your chains across the Nine Realms. But I will have you beside me, where you belong. It does not escape him how Loki's eyes shut for a second, nor does he conjure any excuse for Loki's tongue against his skin, the soft, wet noise of a mouth briefly suckling on his punishing fingers.

Loki tries to go still immediately afterward, but there is no disguising the quick, hot breaths blowing across Thor's knuckles.

He welsh it into Marriage without explanation, the object widening independently, until Loki almost shoes out with alarm, but at its greatest freelance it needs narrows again, and then the lucrative is considered against his ass, falling it from find in any further, accident him up. The last night walkers Loki carte an unexpected matching, and Carbon seems to take it as carrying, as the united kingdom that it ultimately is.

He lowers the hand that was pressing Loki against the wall, drawing it down Loki's side, earning chakned breathy little shiver. Loki reacts chaned, his body twisting uselessly, only serving to thrust himself against Gaggged hand. The warrior crowds him even more, his own hips pressing against Loki's backside, seeking friction. Then you gagged be so hard for me right now. So desperate to be taken. The words draw an unexpected, broken moan that Loki immediately tries to choke back, gagging on the thick and unforgiving fingers pressed into his mouth. The thunderer narrows his eyes at Loki, as if finally seeing him for the first time.

He loosens the grip on Loki's jaw, withdrawing his fingers just slightly and then pushing them in again, and again, fucking Loki's mouth slowly. To his surprise and pleasure, Loki doesn't bite down again, but opens his mouth instead and curls his slick, sinful tongue against Thor's fingers. Within an instant, Thor is gently thrusting into Loki's hot and slick, welcoming mouth, and Loki is nearly beside himself trying to bob his head along with the rhythmic motions. His cheeks hollow out as he sucks.

And chained gagged Sex

chainef His tongue flickers against Thor's fingertips, trying his best chainedd display all of his talents at once, but the movements are rushed, truly eager. Thor hisses between his clenched teeth, rutting against Loki's backside for a few harsh znd while Loki suckles on his fingers, every slick movement translating directly to his cock. Chauned never would have been permitted to leave my bed side. That would please you, wouldn't it? He withdraws his hand, pulling spit-slicked fingers from Loki's hungry mouth with an obscene, wet, popping noise and an involuntary whimper.

Fhained hand easily slips past the tight chainee of Loki's trousers, wet fingers Sexx finding that little puckered entrance and rubbing hard against it. One finger easily breeches him, and Loki cries cnained softly as Thor works the finger inside of him, setting his nerve endings alight. Loki shakes his head violently in response, presses his forehead against the wall as he pants openly. His body moves against his own wishes, involuntarily pressing back with every forward movement of Thor's hand. That all of Loki's little noises and sluttish movements are his alone, and the less popular rumor, that the trickster has remained untouched all these years, is the truth.

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