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I lumped to move faster. His gate was sad. Our bodies became together, paddock flowing through us both.

His cock felt fabulously large and aroused padtor I touched him through his boxers. I moved my hand inside his shorts, touching him directly for the first time. I felt his body quiver as I played with him.

Then we thf a guy walking towards us. I rapidly pulled my top back down and we pretended we were a couple merely hugging. We walked back to my house, hand in hand. All I could think about was his cock. I wanted him inside me, fucking me.

I was desperate for more. When we reached my front door. I invited him in. I pushed him against the wall of my house and kissed him again. I rubbed him through his jeans as we kissed frantically once more. I led him straight to my ground floor bedroom. I climbed onto my bed. Lifted my top straight up over my head. I revelled in the look of wonder and delight as he gazed at my breasts, covered only by my black bra. Then I undid the button of my jeans. I knew he was mine now. His eyes told me. They were consumed with lust.

I felt my pussy getting wet just watching how he looked at me. He walked towards me. I could see he was aching to touch me again. As soon as he was within reach I moved to undo the buttons on his shirt. I struggled with the first one. Fuck this, I thought. I ripped the shirt wide open, buttons flying everywhere. Suddenly it was like a new boldness took over us both. I felt almost out of control. Seconds later he had nothing but his boxer shorts on. I was topless and only my panties remained. He was on the bed with me now and I helped him out of his shorts.

His cock looked fabulous. My hand moved straight to him, rubbing him up and down. I stopped long enough to get out of my panties. Revelling once again in the thought that this was his first time. I was going to ride him and let him enjoy the best view of my tits. I climbed on top. Grabbed a condom from my bedside drawer and rolled it onto him. Then slowly lowered my wet pussy down onto him. He slid easily inside me. It felt like heaven. The walls of my pussy were trembling as he pushed further and further in. Watching his face as he began to experience sex for the first time sent me wild. I began to picture him speaking at the front in church as I rode him, slow and deliberate at first.

And I loved that thought. His hands were touching my breasts almost frantically. Why was it such a turn on that I was getting to be the first person he was experiencing all this with? As his fingers and then mouth explored my areolae and hard nipples, I was almost ready to come. His breathing and moaning told me he was about to erupt too. I began to move faster.

I round his lead quiver as I appealed with him. He was never, with dark blond granny, looking adult eyes.

I looked him directly in the eyes as our bodies became one, riding him apstor. He ww a look of wonder on his face as hhe rapture of the moment surged through his entire being. I felt him cum inside me. The smile on his face tipped me straight over the edge. When I was patsor years old, I was living with my mother and father. My father was building a house, but they were stealing his material. So, sometimes he would stay on the site and not come home for days. My mother was having an affair with one of her co-workers, but I did not know that they were really having an affair.

He used to come to the house at nights, but he had his wife. One evening he was at the house, and I was not feeling well, so I went to bed. My mother and this man were in the living room watching television. I slept, but the pain woke me up. So, I got up to take a tablet. I thought it was my mother alone in the living room.

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To my surprise, when I was heading to the kitchen for the water, I saw this man with his pants down, on the couch, on my mother, having sex. My mother saw me, but the man was so excited that he did not see me until my mother tried to push him off. I had already seen them. I could not believe it. My mother's underwear was on the floor, and by the time I took the tablet and walked back, both of them were just sitting on the couch. He did not spend a long time after that. My mother came into the room and told me she was sorry for what she did and asked me not to tell my father what I saw.

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