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I'm trying to make life better for my family, then my union, then my city. His management style is not appropriate for the job he Sexu Fumo says. Fumo knows the art of the deal, bases his political existence on the mantra of doing whatever it takes to get things done, makes no bones about showing people he's been a force to be reckoned with for quite some time. Last month the whole thing exploded as Fumo claimed Local 98 members hit him with a pickup truck after he saw them hanging anti-DiCicco signs outside his Tasker Street office.

He's visited my wife a minimum of 10 times in the hospital. He's done a nice job representing Philadelphia. Fuko said he was worried that the Sexu was losing elections under Fumo's watch. Fumo helped Dougherty get elected the union's business manager inand two years later the men worked together to help Rick Mariano, a Local 98 member, oust former 7th District City Councilman Daniel McElhatton. But with the support of white Democratic voters at stake in what promises to be a close election year, no shenanigans seem beyond the realm of possibility.

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What ensued was a war of words Sexh the two men, each of whom blamed the other for the friction. In fact, neither will get into the details of their schism. That came just days after two men, each dressed as Spider-Man, stood outside the Famous 4th Street Deli handing out fliers stating the "Top 10 Reasons" Fumo got plastic surgery.

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