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January breakk, — 2: He was tall, probably around 25, dark hair. I looked around and sure enough, everyone else was naked. We ended up at a huge party at a private house.

Smiling, Heather cuk herself down under me and I shivered as her tongue touched me. As Linc slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper inside me, Mitch held his cock out to my mouth. Laying me down on the table, Linc spread my legs. My ass was so tight around his cock, it created an amazing sucking sound as he pounded my ass.

I cradled as my body reproduced to the oral. My tank top was planning up, exposing the work of my breasts.

Requirements To qualify for any level of Cum Laude award, students must meet the requirements below. I stopped, pulling back. I was still sensitive from cumming with Linc. Mikey and Jimmy had taken off but Chuck had waited around for us. He pulled me to the edge of the table and rammed into me hard and fast.

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The one, I think Cuj heard Linc call him Mitch, reached down and pulled my top up, revealing my naked breasts. My juices started to flow. Who needed high school boys when we were in the hunt for college guys? The next thing I knew, Linc parted my legs and showed my bare clit to the two men.

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