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Top 20 Online Resources For Becoming a Bad-Ass Swing Dancer

Hopefully that would was looking to you and as always if you have any further reaches feel passionately to let me epoch. The revisions, take Rafa [ph] for vip, all time hard.

I drill with the local pro each week, but he is not so technical. What is your advice for older players trying to update their game? I hope you can help. A forehand that has some top spin, that has some curve like you are talking about in your question. I counted at one point; I think you have six different questions Swinging podcasts downloads free your forehand technique. So, you never really nail down and make a habit any of those little details because you are always shifting your conscious attention on one thing to the next to the next. And to ever really be conscious — unconsciously competent Collin, all those things have to be a habit.

Your upper body needs to rotate back and forth and your core, your upper body needs to begin at a 90 degree angle to the baseline. Number two; your racket needs to drop below the height of the ball, and you can do that however is comfortable. Some people use a reverse C back swing, other people just drop the racket down there the lower the ball is. In general I prefer a reverse C back swing. So, body starts sideways, racket drops below the ball. Number three; your body rotates forwards and then your arm and your racket follow and this was something that you mentioned in your question. Your core should unwind first before you swing with your arm and with your racket, and this is called the kinetic chain.

And I recommend that you do a search for that over the podcast archives for a kinetic chain. But, your core, your upper body should rotate forward towards your target before your arm and your forearm, your hand, your shoulder, before all those things start to really accelerate the racket through the point of contact. Number four; contact should be made with a flat racket face and with the racket at waist height. Then number five; your finishing position should be with the racket finishing over your left shoulder and really up off your shoulder is best. Kind of the higher — well, not necessarily the higher the better, but there should be a good four, six inches between your shoulder, your left shoulder and the racket when you finish.

Your butt cap, the bottom of the racket should be pointing towards your target and your racket should be on edge, meaning perpendicular court.

Your racket face should be perpendicular to the court surface, ninety degrees to the court. So, there you go, and by the way, I recommend that you start off there Swijging. Just get to that finishing position; podcasst over your left shoulder, butt cap pointing towards your target, racket on edge, chest facing forwards. So, again just quick review the five things; body starts sideways meaning upper body. You can use whatever stance you want but upper body sideways. Racket drops below the ball, body rotates forwards. Your arm, shoulder and racket then follow. Contact is made with a flat racket face and then the racket finishes over your left shoulder but kept pointing towards your target, your racket on edge and your chest facing forwards.

So there you go. Just keep them relaxed and if you follow the directionals that I just laid out, you will have pronated. You were asking about pronating as well.

Those are kind of the big chunks, the big fundamental, essential parts of eownloads a top spin forehand. I recommend by the way Collin, that you practice this without hitting a ball at first. Look at the — those five things, you know, type them out or wait until Swinigng transcript is out. Two more quick things. Usually that is caused by tensing up and not allowing your hand and your racket to turn over fluidly and correctly. So, the face pops open and the ball goes way too far. All right, so Collin there you go. Hopefully that clears up a bunch of your questions and gets you on the right track. Thank you very much for being a listener in Australia and I hope this has been helpful to you.

If you have any further questions feel free to write and to let me know. Number one is tennistours. Second sponsor is Tennis Express where you can go to buy all of our racket string, clothing, shoes and bag. All tennis gear and equipments needs you can get fulfilled there. Really great shipping and service. Please go check them out by going to essentialtennis. So, thank you to Tennis Tours and Tennis Express for your support. I really appreciate it.

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I am an intermediate player, I notice Downooads play better when I swing hard and worse when I am tentative with my swing. In lessons I have dowlnoads told to accelerate. I even noticed how well this works for serves. I now try to hit as hard as I can up and out on my serve. But where to start? Type in an artist you like, or browse their genres. I suggest building a station off of Fats Waller. Free with a number of great features. Videos Youtube — The first place most people go when looking for free dance videos.

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It can be overwhelming! You can start with my lindy hop channel. Pick a Youtube search term. Get updates by email fee that search pulls more results. Imagine how rownloads I get accomplished on that day. RhythmJuice is podcasgs online learning environment focused on connecting and inspiring serious dancers. With hundreds of members, an awesome staff of teachers, and both downloadw and premium options, RJ is worth watching. The lindy hop instructors are top-notch and teach to every level. They also have a good number of free lessons available to their community members. Free Swingign Dance Lessons — Over the years, Dan Swimging fellow Seattleite has created a massive quantity of short educational and class review clips.

Most videos feature him and his partner Gaby Cook. They have very crisp and clean movements which make learning more painless. To navigate most easily, I suggest using the search function. Building the Swing Dance Community — Natasha Ouimet and Patrick Szmidt have put monumental effort into filming both educational clips and videos from major dance events. These videos are thoughtfully selected from Youtube and are arranged by dance level, total newbie to advanced. Tons of teachers, over videos, totally easy to navigate. Lindy hop and blues are especially well represented on her page, spurring many fabulous discussions with different viewpoints.

Plus Bug takes question suggestions! Yehoodi — Yehoodi is one of the last major lindy hop discussion forums. Though there used to be many local lindy hop discussion boards, Facebook now fills that niche for most of us. Yehoodi also has podcastsYehoodi Radioa lindy hop event calendarand featured articles. Tumblr — Tumblr is a microblogging platform. You get an account, make short blog posts, connect with other peeps, share stuff you like, etc. You can be anonymous, or you can be your bold and awesome self.

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