Teaching teens about the holy spirit

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Six Powerful Object Lessons On the Holy Spirit

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When we hly the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, this too will occur…life is best lived when we go the way God is leading you than to go against God.

What does this say about the Holy Spirit? Breath Read Acts 2: Fire Fire is an image people often use to describe the Holy Spirit. This image comes from the Pentecost story. It has great power. How do the images of wind, breath, and fire help you better understand the Holy Spirit? If time is short, assign each passage to a couple of people in the group.

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Read the passage and share what spiirit says about who the Holy Spirit tdens. Exactly, it all gets a bit messy! It addresses the theme of conversion. How to make a rainbow using Skittles - the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit Looking at the theme of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. All the fruit and the gifts are different, like the colours in the rainbow, but each one is important. You can also link the Skittles to the Body of Christ. As believers we are the Body of Christ. We are all different. Can you see the wind coming out of the fan?

How do you know the wind is there? It is blowing the paper. When you go outside on a windy day, can you see the wind? How do you know the wind is blowing? You either feel it or see it blowing things around.

Holy the teens spirit about Teaching

Make the connection between the Holy Spirit and the wind. The Holy Spirit is a lot like the wind coming from a fan or the wind outside on a windy day. Even though we cannot see it, it is there. Just like the wind from the fan moved the paper, the Holy Spirit moves us. The Holy Spirit guides us and helps us when we need to make important choices. Sometimes we can feel the Spirit moving us in our hearts, just like we can feel the wind against our bodies. Read Scripture There are a few different Scripture passages that describe the Holy Spirit as the wind:

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