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There's a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S.

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Depression newspaper/magazine articles Teen

It was scary because the cuts were in a place that people associate with suicide. I wouldn't have wanted to put that pain on her," says Faith-Ann. But that night she said, "Yes, I am cutting, and I want to stop. She didn't ask why, she didn't freak out, she just asked what she could do to help. The family got counseling after that. Her parents learned that they weren't alone. And Faith-Ann learned breathing techniques to calm herself physically and how to talk to herself positively. Recovery didn't happen all at once. There were relapses, sometimes over tiny things. But the Bishops were on the right road.

One of the most powerful things Faith-Ann did to escape the cycle of anxiety, depression and self-harm was to channel her feelings into something creative. As part of the Project Aware teen program in Maine, she wrote and directed a short film about anxiety and depression in teens called The Road Back. More than 30 kids worked on the project, and they became a support system for one another as she continued to heal. Bellevue's Fadi Haddad says that for parents who find out their children are depressed or hurting themselves, the best response is first to validate their feelings.

Don't get angry or talk about taking away their computers. Meanwhile, among those who did get help, treatment tended to be more intense, often involving specialized care by in-patient and outpatient providers and including prescription medications. This may be due in part to increased mental health coverage in the wake of new health care parity laws. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than three million adolescents aged reported at least one major depressive episode in the past year, and more than two million reported severe depression that impeded their daily functioning.

Counselors are often responsible for more than kids and have other duties as well, often including administering state tests. These incidents ranged from expressions of openness to suicide and self-harm, and acts of self-harm. Specific incidents of self-harm, like superficial cutting and burning the skin are usually not attempts at suicide, but the behavior does correlate with a higher risk of suicidal behavior. Studies of self harm are consistent in showing that people who injure themselves do so to cope with anxiety or depression. Some of the increase in depression in Los Angeles schools may be due to more awareness and improved data collection, but with more than 30 percent of high school students there reporting prolonged feelings of hopelessness and sadness lasting more than two weeks, and 9.

The Pediatrics study whose lead author was Ramin Mojtabai, MD, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, adjusted for those socio-demographic and household factors and concluded that they could not account for the big increase in depression trends. Nor was there a correlation with substance abuse.

In fact, there has been little change in rates of substance abuse among teens. Perhaps the most common risk for depression is being female. According to the department of Health and Human Services, rates of depression among girls ages in were more than double that of boys. The Pediatrics study researchers suggested that adolescent girls may be more exposed to risk factors.

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