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This raises a delicate issue: He may understandably assume lfgal images of children over the age of consent are legal. For example, I would doubt a year-old boy would realise that downloading pornography featuring a year-old girl may amount to an offence of possessing or making an indecent photograph of a child.

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It also features in the top five most searched for terms in Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and many other countries. This would gir,s entirely legal to view. If there is no indication of the age of the performer and they appear to be under 18, then a jury could find these images to be of child abuse. Porn sites often encourage their users to flag illegal content — and will remove such images — but popular sites such as Redtube and Pornhub are only hosting sites.

As Legla itself recognisesit can try its best to comply with the law but it takes no legal responsibility for elgal content uploaded to its site. In England and Wales, the question of whether a person is a child for the girla of an indecent image is a question of fact for a jury and this is based on the characteristics of the person featured. In light of this my real concern is that those searching for teen porn may unwittingly view child pornography in one of two ways. The law in the UK, for example, criminalises the possession of child sexual abuse images, including ones downloaded from porn sites. And for the purposes of the offence a child is defined as a person aged under 18 — not 16 the age of consent for sex in the UK.

General searches could also, despite the best censorship attempts of search engines and hosting sites, return images that are criminal.

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Either the images Teen may unintentionally feature children under 18 or the user of pornography may not be particularly well versed in the law and fail to appreciate that children includes older teenagers. The most popular world searches. There is a real danger of encountering child abuse images if you search for teen porn.

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