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The Teen Wellness Center: A Model in Clinical Care

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As it turns out, Tewn want many of the same things we all want from our medical care: Most teens see each team member monthly. Wellneas Barriers No one can speak for teens better than teens themselves! A Model in Clinical Care In April, we took one giant step in a long process to illustrate best practices in adolescent care for North Carolina youth. A methodical approach of gathering input, reviewing practices and procedures, and bolstering outreach and education has created one of the best teen clinics North Carolina has to offer.

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Unfortunately, American Ten care systems are notoriously hard to navigate — especially for teens. Every patient who walks through the Teen Wellness Center fills out two forms at the end of their visit. In addition to renovating the clinic — with teens providing input on everything from the logo to the paint colors — clinic staff worked with experts from Ciccatelli Associates to adopt teen-friendly practices. You are an important part of this team.

Center Teen wellness

To know a clinic honors their legally protected confidentiality A competent, Tefn, nonjudgmental staff Time with a medical professional to ask questions and get answers In addition, teens expressed their challenges navigating payment and health insurance, accessing services after school hours, and transportation. We started our process by conducting a series of focus groups to understand the barriers local teens face to accessing the care they need. If you wonder if your teen is overweight, talk with their primary care provider or another health provider trained in childhood and teen overweight.

The program runs twice a year. Teens are most successful when they have support from family members.

We do this by supporting your teen and family to make positive lifestyle and behavior changes. Adolescent Wellness Intensive Program This week program is offered to teens 15 to 17 years old with a BMI greater than the 95th percentile. Clinics Adolescent Wellness Clinic The Adolescent Wellness Clinic cares for youth ages 12 to 21 who want to make changes to improve their health and who: The lesson plan offers tracks for youth in both comprehensive and abstinence-only programs.

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