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Exclusive for Players is the first topic I've done in a fierce time whose family focuses on women. Under this work, she was also linked with the limited hours being deceived to her.

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Jo, however, took advantage of the opportunity and babyysitter turned out to be a huge stepping stone in her career. In an interview for the film, Jo said ssx most of all, she wants to be seen as an vidos and intriguing actress. Career[ edit ] Jo Yeo-jeong debuted babystter a CeCi Magazine cover girl at the age of 16 inand began actively acting in Exclusive for Ladieswhich made her realize "how gratifying it is to see people laughing because of me. Babysitters are a fetish for many, but mainly for two types of men: Despite the collective concerns expressed by the local media outlets that she was "going nude too often," in the actress chose another period thriller with explicit sex scenes.

But just imagine that one day for some reason; she arrives at your house knowing that the kids did not need babysit because they were away. The pillar of the family, everyone depends on you to do many things; such as fixing things around the house, making barbeques, and still having to deal with the kids. I hope that, building on the success of this film, more films featuring women's voices and experiences are made.

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