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Non-Toxic Sanitizing

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For those not ready to invest in an entirely new hot tub filtration and water disinfection system, food grade hydrogen peroxide offers a transitional solution. You can eliminate the use of chlorine or bromine chemicals in the spa and use hydrogen peroxide instead of these chemicals. Adding any type of ozonator or UV sterilizer to the system will also assist the hydrogen peroxide in the event that your water contains high levels of iron or organics which will break down the hydrogen peroxide more quickly. If you are unsure of the mineral content of the water, begin using the hydrogen peroxide as described here, and test for hydrogen peroxide levels frequently.

Begin by shocking the tub with a high dose of 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. Keep in cool, dry and well ventilated area, keep away from heat, combustibles, oxidizers, metallic powders, and acids. Never dispense hydrogen peroxide into an unlabeled container. Do not use pressure to empty container. Do not add water to container. When empty rinse container with water before discarding. Never return unused hydrogen peroxide to the container. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If breathing is difficult or discomfort occurs call physician. In case of eye contact: Immediately flush with large amount of water for at least 15 minutes, lifting upper and lower lids intermittently.

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In case hottkb skin contact: Wash with large amounts of water. If irritation occurs, see physician. Do not induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If swallowed large amounts of oxygen may be released quickly. The distention of the stomach or esophagus may cor injurious. Insertion of a nasogastric or orogastric tube may be advisable. How Does it Work? Since hydrogen peroxide is unstable, it releases an oxygen atom when it comes into contact with microorganisms to form stable water H2O. The oxygen atoms kill bacteria and viruses by attaching to and destroying their cell walls.

Our life depends on breathing O2. Unpaired oxygen, O1, however, is very unstable and seeks to find stability by attaching to another molecule or another O1 to form stable oxygen, O2. How Is it Used? Because hydrogen peroxide continually breaks down in the tub, it must be added regularly. The shelf is behind a door and I installed a hasp and lock on the door for additional security.

I also keep the measuring j2o2, gloves and safety glasses on the same shelf and I only measure the Hydrogen Peroxide outside when I am about to add it to the Hot-Tub. Stripw you accidentally spill it on skin, flush the area immediately with running water. If it is accidentally swallowed, drink large quantities of water, remain upright and call a doctor or poison control agency at once. In case of accidental spillage, flush the area with water to dilute. Don't return any spilled Hydrogen Peroxide to its container and keep undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide from going into the sewage system.

If you are using a spigot to dispense Hydrogen Peroxide leave it in place until the container is empty. Removing and replacing the spigot can cause lint or dust to contaminate it. With a little pre-planning and some common sense you can safely switch your Hot-Tub water sanitization over to Hydrogen Peroxide and not only save money on the multitude of expensive chemicals you are currently using but also have an over-all better Hot-Tubbing experience.

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