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While eros should not necessarily be understood in a sexual sense here, Nehamas does think that erotic encounters provide an instructive model for aesthetic Te in general: In other words, they advocate a strict divide between erotic art and pornography. Proponents of modern aesthetics could simply bite the bullet here and argue, as Mohan Matthen does, that erotic art tends not to be great art, or, following Bell, that erotic paintings, books, poems can only attain art status despite their erotic content.

If something is pornography, then that something has the purpose of sexual arousal of some audience.

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But can one really draw the distinction in such absolute terms? The most abstract and intellectual beauty provokes the urge to possess it no less than the most sensual inspires the passion to come to know it better. In his landmark book, Arthe eedu by drawing a sharp contrast between the aesthetic emotion, which is provoked by edh of art in virtue of a certain pleasing combination of lines and colors, and sexual feelings and desires which are provoked by sensually appealing bodies. But this characterization would also be too broad. Both activities are pleasurable, but the pleasures involved are very different: Similarly, Monroe Beardsley insisted on a strict divide between the two sorts of responses and revised his theory of aesthetic experience when it was pointed out to him that it did not exclude sexual experiences from the realm of the aesthetic Beardsley What he objects to is a particular treatment of the nude, one which is designed to excite lustful feelings in the beholder.

They are deprived of clothes, and as such exposed in an embarrassing way.

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Clive Bell, the great champion of aesthetic formalism, inscribes Thee neatly in that tradition. No, art reminds us of states of animal vigour: It is evident that, for Shaftesbury, erotic art, which is all about presenting desirable bodies and stirring up sensual pleasures, can have no legitimate place within the realm of the aesthetic. It is highly erotic, though it has no explicit sexual content.

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