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Tracey Adams

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InTracey came out of a two-and-a-half year retirement to get gangbanged in the mediocre Starbanger 4. Tracey is bisexual and had her first experience with a woman at age She lost her virginity to a man at Adams now works legit theatre.

Adams escort Tracey

Traceg was known for her mature manner on film, and often played the older woman seducing a younger man or, on Tracfy, woman. Retirement, personal life ByAdams was completely out of the business. Although many of her scenes on film featured heterosexual activity, she is one of the few women adult performers living in an open lesbian relationship although many are often involved briefly off-screen with bisexual partners. Adams has been with her current lesbian partner for the past 8 years. Prior to this relationship, she performed in strip shows in Canada with porn actress Amber Lynn, with whom she was involved in a long-term lesbian relationship, which ended mostly due to Lynn's struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse.

Adams was reportedly also involved in an off-screen relationship with adult film actress and icon Ona Zee during the mids. Since leaving the adult industry, Adams has continued her education and training in Los Angeles. She is reportedly living a comfortable life, with no plans on returning to the adult film industry.

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