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Café racer

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This wasn't rooted in any sort of upper class sophistication, but from their own working class practicality.

They took what Vintsge could afford and customized their motorcycles in the image of the more expensive British race bikes of the time. What was important was going fast for a short distance. These bikes weren't built for the long haul. Their goal was to hit "the ton" which was mph. It was quite the feat for bikes that weren't race bikes.

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The only way to meet the triple digit ambition was to customize what they had to go faster. Passenger pegs were scrapped, the rear seat removed, and those wide bars were scrapped in favor of lowered clip on bars. However, the sleek bikes are now coveted by collectors. Ducati, Triumph, Guzzi and others have enjoyed considerable success with repli-bikes in recent years, so maybe the Honda was just 10 years ahead of its time.

Retro, But Not Painfully So". The Cafe is based on the V7 Classic that came out about motorycle year ago. The differences are cosmetic, but significant. Its low, compact shape, racy down-turned handlebars and spoke wheels give it the look of a vintage grand prix bike while jewel-like details from the engine to the foot pegs suggest a hand-built custom machine.

Motorcycle Vintage cafe

Immediate Media Company Ltd. Take a look around the hippest neighborhoods across the country and you'll see motorcycles that look like something out of an old Vintagee McQueen movie—retro, minimalist, and tough. Wyss, Wally September Retrieved 26 December The American trend toward cafe racers caught most of the world's bikemakers by surprise and, at this writing, only Triumph has anything that approaches a cafe racer—a new model called the Hurricane that has a seat-molded-into-the-gas-tank one-piece unit designed by American fairing designer Craig Vetter. Melling, Frank 26 September Originally, cost was a major influence. Retrieved 29 December

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