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Thanks for any help! Brian - I have had my Firt for 27 years. I raced it last a few years ago at vintage races at Gatorback and in Ohio.

I have fox remote res shocks, heavier springs in the front forks. The ignition fried in There was a factory repair kit that replaced the original electrically advanced ignition with a different, fixed stator and Bosch CDI. Put the smallest tire you can find on the back. It helps keep the bike on the pipe easier. Now, connect the stator to the regulator. Set your multimeter to check amps on the lowest scale. Start the engine and turn on all electrical accessories. Disconnect the battery negative cable, and install the meter probes in series between the battery negative post, and negative cable terminal.

If you read below four amps, and all of the previous checks are good, then you need to replace your regulator-rectifier. Visual Statorss Once you have the stator exposed, you can perform a visual inspection. Look for broken wires, thermal damage, or insulation breakdown on the coils. Inspect the outboard ends of the coils for evidence of contact with the rotor. Replace the stator as necessary. Pay particular attention to the stator for bits of magnet, and inspect the rotor carefully for broken magnets. Because the poles of the magnet are oriented north-south, the current reverses itself each time a magnet sweeps through its field, creating an alternating current.

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In fact, in some engine designs the rotor is the flywheel, in which case the assembly is known as a flywheel magneto. Vnitage produce alternating current, but the battery, which is the foundation the charging system is built on, can only store direct current. Early on the rectifier was bikd stand-alone device. A lot of British bikes used a Zener diode, which in essence was nothing more than a preset electrical switch that monitored voltage. If the voltage was under 14 volts, the Zener turned off and all current was sent to the battery. When the electrical demand was low and charging voltage approached 15 volts, the Zener turned on and routed most current to ground.

Other systems BMW, for example used a mechanical voltage regulator to keep tabs on their alternators. How It Works When the key is turned on and the starter button pressed, current flows from the battery to the necessary components, like the starter motor, ignition system, and fuel-injection system. As the bike is ridden and engine rpm picks up, the output of the alternator also increases. It reaches the rectifier as alternating current, where it passes through between one and six diodes depending on the type of system and its capacity.

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The most common way to control the alternator is by using a thyristor in conjunction with a voltage sensing circuit to regulate the DC voltage. When the DC hits a predetermined level, typically When it does, it connects the stator coils to ground, which kills the alternator output. As soon as the voltage drops below a certain level, usually around Want more news like this? Sign up to receive our email newsletter and never miss an update! By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

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