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This weekend: ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ and vintage poster sale

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Over many years, the guitarist has painstakingly — and at enormous expense — assembled a peerless collection of horror and sci-fi movie posters that is the subject of a new exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Movie studios often print several versions of posters for a movie, varying in size and content making them fit for various markets. At home, Hammett sometimes spends hours on the couch with a guitar, drawing inspiration from the oversize images of undead creatures that loom all around him. It is believed only three copies of this Style F 'Dracula' poster exist. This particular copy was sold as part of a bankruptcy case.

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Register as a seller and put it up for auction. Hammett exhibition-catalog signing and conversation with curator, Aug. Left alone drankenstein long stretches, he found safety and solace in movie theaters, or in front of a television, watching horror flicks. The movie poster of 'The Mummy' is highly sought after, partly because of the great artwork and colouring designed by Karoly Grosz.

Frankenstein poster Vintage

Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded. Or if you wish to frankenatein your own vintage movie poster Vinyage, check out our Movie Poster auction! That is what Nicholas Cage got when he sold the Style F movie poster in Since Hammett joined Metallica, inthe band has sold over million albums and won eight Grammy Awards. Because no one valued the posters at the time, many were discarded or destroyed. The show runs through Nov.

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