Vintage master gumball machine for sale

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This model had a 4-pronged handle sqle a base with a dish under the gate see the 1st picture above for an example. Son, you're not a collector if you don't have a Master.

Gumball sale for Vintage master machine

Thanks to Erick Johnson for the pictures of, and information about, his "double Master" Fantail. Cabinets evolved from aluminum to steel, which was either painted, nickel-plated, or porcelainized. The Star Door mechanisms, which as mentioned above differed in subtle ways from later mechanisms that looked similar. The Fantail deserves its own category because it's so different. He stopped and looked at me sternly, and said, "You don't know what a Master is?

Star Doors of either type are not Officially Rare, but they're quite hard to find and are aexpensive when you finally do find one. By collecting permutations of these differences one could have a couple hundred Masters without duplication, and I know of several collectors who were headed that way until they came to their senses and scaled back or changed the focus of their collection. A short penny-only mechanism, very similar on the surface to the penny-only Star Door mechanism, but found on later models. I used to think that they were made in the rank order of filagree, then wheat, then rising sun, but I've since come to think there's considerable overlap between them.

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The major Viintage between eras and machind individual machines include the material used to construct the base, lid, and cabinet; the finishes on these parts; the type of lid; and the type of mechanism and gate. At this point it becomes harder to describe a chronology of models because they're so similar and because features overlapped, but here's how I think subsequent features evolved: Various examples of porcelainized Masters with screw-down lids and penny-only Novelty, penny-only gooseneck, nickel-only gooseneck, or penny-nickel gooseneck mechanisms. The pictures below show the whole machine, and also show 2 shots that focus on the middle part of the machine to show that the metal spanning the height is unbroken.

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