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Since every inch matters in shipping costs, this keeps the size of the box to a minimum. International Sellers Note to International Sellers: Please ship kits through your local postal service or FedEx only. UPS will charge large additional fees upon delivery and I will not be able to accept the package s. Packing I am often asked how to pack kits to minimize damage and parts loss. Please follow these tips: Place a thin rubber band around each kit not too tight or it will damage the box! This will keep loose parts from escaping during shipment. There is no need to wrap each kit in paper or bubble wrap unless the kits are of an unusually high value Select a box made of heavy corrugated cardboard.

The box should be new or in excellent used condition. Pack the kits carefully in the box to minimize empty space Fill any empty spaces with newspaper, foam peanuts, or any other non-staining, void-filling material. You do not want the kits to shift during shipment. When taping the shipping box shut, tape up all of the seams! That way if a part does come loose, it will remain in the shipping box.

Insurance Please insure your package! Postal insurance is very affordable. Revell quickly realized that the one-piece arm kita not strong enough, and quickly modified it to the familiar three piece arm for the 3rd issue. The kit has never been started. Decals and instructions are in near mint condition. The original small parts 'krinkle' bag is present as well. From quality Monogram molds. Features detailed cockpits, optional position canopies, detailed wheel wells, GTD Drone and ground handling cart. As with most Heller ship kits, this model is very highly detailed and very finely molded. Internal factory sealed bag including decals and instructions. Dated and from the original Four Star molds which were high quality and well detailed.

Plastic kits Vintage

Includes Marines markings, full cockpit and cabin detail, complete engine, spinning main and tail plsstic, optional position cabin doors jits 40mm grenade launcher, rocket pods and twin machine guns. Includes full decals, clear parts, main vac parts and injection molded details props, struts, wheels, etc and engines. Vacuform kits are only recommended for modelers who are experienced with this type of model. Wood model kits commanded the market from their beginnings in the late s up to the advent of plastic model kits.

Wood kits varied greatly in quality and difficulty of construction - some were plsstic blocks of wood and a plan, but others had pre-carved and pre-cut parts, some very nicely Vnitage. By the end of WWII, and into the 's, many wood kits became more sophisticated with the addition of metal and plastic detail parts along with accurate decals. Many examples of wood kits are offered on this website and the history of one well known wood manufacturer, Plxstic, can be viewed by Clicking Here. Solid wood kits a natural, "green" product! The first injection-molded plastic kits did not originate in the U. The first plastic kit was the Gloster Gladiator with a date of November 30, FROG went back into the plastic kit business in with a new series of kits, but now constructed of polystyrene.

Production wound down as WWII precluded the use of plastic for non-strategic items. The plans were well drawn and a very detailed instruction sheet was included. The label clearly states that the kit was imported by H. Hudson Dobson of New York. Hudson Dobson, as distributor, issued catalogs for Dinky toys in the late s and 50s - they had a showroom at Fifth Avenue in New York and were headquartered in New Jersey. I don't have information as to whether the Penguins were ever included in a catalog by this firm. A photo is also shown below of a Dinky catalog cover which has the H.

Hudson Dobson stamp on the cover - perhaps all of the distributors catalogs were of this type. The Penguin Hawker Hart kit box and a detail of the H. Hudson Dobson label are shown below.

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