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It is designed into two subseries, noises and presentations. Feeling records include suggestions on planet, staff and consequent meetings and medals; clerics and women; planning, funding, and singers.

For the most part, North Bellingham has families and South Bellingham has college kids. Downtown is particularly gay-friendly, although rent on apartments or houses is often more expensive there. Happy Valley, which overlaps the South Campus housing area, is on the cheaper end for apartments. Fairhaven was its own city a long time ago but is rapidly growing into a cute ahem, gentrified commercial area. It has a ton of adorable shops, including two independent bookstores, but the houses and apartments down there are crazy expensive or have years-long waitlists. The city is predominantly white, and people of extremely varying income levels are dispersed across the city in close proximity, which I would imagine creates particular tension for trans people and people of color, but I cannot describe specific incidents.

The two main problems I do see in Bellingham, which both intersect with race and class, are homelessness and the cost of housing. People who experience homelessness tend to leave in the late fall and come back again in the early spring when the city warms up. There are new, swanky apartments downtown and in Barkley and in Fairhaven. Meanwhile, there is a housing scramble from June to August, when the students leave or rearrange.

The apartments that are available in these months are moderately priced. But if you need a place to live from September to May, your pickings are slim. Trying to move outside of the college cycle is stressful because the only places available are gorgeous and expensive. Veggie Burger In Paradise Bellingham food is the best food. Every time I have a friend come visit me, I have a hard time not just taking them to food place after food place. The CDC project covered research, intervention, and evaluation processes for the study of various risk groups.

Mass is particularly gay-friendly, although stump on apartments or wives is often more reliable there. We bombard checking out this shady bar during college happy hour, when things are half price from 5 - 9 p.

The subseries for privately funded projects includes files for those sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the U. Conference of Mayors, which address health services and lesbbians to risk groups. Westtern few miscellaneous project files are also present. The bulk of records are those of Robert Bob Wood, M. They include letters, memoranda, invitations, articles, dockets, reports and background documents concerning legislation, committee memberships, grants, procedures, programs and proposals. Correspondents include health department staff, government officials, legislators, citizens, complainants, and representatives of educational institutions and community agencies.

Record types include memoranda, correspondence, minutes, articles, forms and notes. The documents contain statistical data, project narratives, thesis work and survey results. The files in the series contain correspondence, bills, articles and newsletters relating to general subjects AIDS education, prevention, housing and health care and specific topics hypodermic needle exchange, Washington State omnibus funding, and funding under the federal Ryan White CARE Act. Transfers of material to the Archives are governed by state-approved records retention schedules.

We do not solicit donations of non-county material. A third increment of electronic records is pending. Holdings of the King County Archives are open to lesbiabs public lesbiahs between 9: Use of materials in all of our historical collections is by appointment only. Our site is wheelchair-accessible. Research room on site. Reference assistance on site. Limited telephone reference about 30 minutes per inquiry. Internet reference link to Archives from Web site ; limited e-mail reference about 30 minutes per inquiry. Media duplication, oversize duplication, and traditional photographic reproduction are handled by outside vendors with costs passed on to customers.

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Research clients are encouraged to bring personal digital cameras to make images Weestern no charge. Use of ,esbians scanners may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Use of material for exhibits will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Indices to the collection: Folder lists for each series can be found attached via hyperlinks to the King County Archives Web site for health records: Box content summaries prepared by Prevention Division staff are available by contacting the Archives.

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