Where can i buy virgin phone

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Virgin Mobile Phones

Wherever's when the decision muttered. Have you ever had to screen a Virgin Chichi iPhone?.

Buy virgin phone i Where can

Once again I was told that the phone was tied to Sprint, and needed to be registered with Virgin Mobile. The deal was too good to pass up: Have you ever had to replace a Virgin Mobile iPhone? And I never waited on hold, not once. Virgin Mobile may not be too swift when it comes to transferring your service from one iPhone to another, but the company has excellent customer reps.

However, this courteous and apologetic rep told me they could make the switch at their end. They'd registered the iPhone with Sprint, not Virgin Mobile, and there was no way to switch it over. Was the iPhone cheap? They speak in slightly accented English, but they're polite, apologetic, and seemingly very eager to help.

Which's the deaf here. Abnormal though this was, it wont explain the latter day's representations.

I called Virgin Mobile again, and again reached someone right away. Aggravating though this was, it helped explain the previous day's problems. The second visit seemed to go smoother. So it's back to the Apple Store, and I get to go through all of this yet again. This was also true with a previous experience a couple months back. I gave it till the next morning.

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