Why dogs lick jewelry

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(Closed) Why does he lick my ring?

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Dogs jewelry Why lick

Create a category, make a post, join the fun! My dog is into metal September 11, 9: These were selected over things like shoes and athletic bags, his normal go-to items when he gets in chewy moods. Is it a dietary deficiency? What causes this specific attraction to metal? Otherwise he is eating and drinking as he always has, and is displaying no other odd behaviors. But then again, dogs are weird. Hopefully someone else will chime in with more information, but for googling, "pica" is the word you want. Usually, if an adult dog is eating something weird, he is lacking something or other in his diet. Unless he's a puppy.

Puppies just like to chew on shit. Or worse, why do some dogs chew on jewelry or try to bury it? Book First Walk Free! However, the behavior does seem to be more common among cats who like all things stringy or anything that resembles yarn, which could provide some insight into the behavior.

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Jfwelry have the exceptional ability of capture peripheral motion, meaning something like yarn lic, any sort of rope in twisting kewelry instantly catches their attention. This keyed to motion vision is an evolved trait that enabled wild cats to spot, kill or scare away snakes who could not only pose a direct danger to the cats but also hunted smaller prey and endangered the food supply within a given territory. In addition, both cats and dogs can see far ahead and rely more on motion than focus when it comes to scoping for prey. Another possibility why your dog likes jewelry is simply because dogs are curious creatures and a silver ring or a bracelet looks and might even smell different than other things.

While looking is obviously completely harmless, if your dog tries to chew on your jewelry or even eat it dlgs could be a cause for worry. Regardless of breed, a curious dog, especially a puppy can easily go from chewing to choking or accidentally swallowing jewelry. Not only is that dangerous because of the sharp edges, even more so with earrings due to their studs, which can cause bowel obstruction or even perforation but ingesting metal jewelry could also lead to zinc poisoning. Symptoms of zinc poisoning range from lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and pale gums to orange-toned feces and dark urine.

If your dog has ingested anything such as jewelry, pennies, screws or batteries it is crucial for him to be taken to the veterinarian for treatment immediately to avoid possible complications. Wby the Behavior Though admiration from the distance is not harmful, you should not encourage your dog's interest in jewelry, as curiosity often leads to chewing. If you notice that your dog not only wants to bite on your bracelets but also starts chewing on other non-edible objects, it is best to take him to the veterinarian for diagnosis as he might have developed a psychological abnormality called Pica.

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